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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/09/2019 – 9:48am

Fan Recording Shared with All

Dharma Friend Ryan Everett Tkac is a devoted student of the sutras. As part of his devotions he has recorded this recitation of The Sutra of Infinite Meanings in the MP3 format. When he contacted BDK America for permission, we asked if we could share the result with you all, which we are doing now with his permission.

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The Sutra of Infinite Meaning

About the Sutra of Infinite Meaning

The Sutra of Infinite Meaning (Taishō 276) forms part of the so-called “Threefold Lotus Sutra” and was composed as an introduction to the Lotus Sutra itself (Taishō 262), with the introductory comments based upon the essence of the latter. The term “Infinite Meaning” in the title derives from the idea that since man’s defiling elements are infinite in number, the number of teachings to be taught must also be infinite, resulting in the fact that the meanings of those teachings also become infinite.

Students of this sutra are encouraged to review the Translator’s Introduction (5-6) in the published volume or the free PDF download (dBET) here.


From the Taishō Shinzū Daizōkyō edition, Taishō 276, Vol. 8. One fascicle. Translated by Dharmāgatayaśas into the Chinese as Wuliangyi jing (無量義經). Translated from the Chinese into English by Tsugunari Kubo and Joseph M. Logan.

Note on Rights

Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai and Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai America reserve all copyright in the translation of these texts, and permission requests can be sent to the publisher. The audio recording of “The Sutra of Infinite Meanings” is recorded and published here with the permission of the audio copyright holder, Ryan Everett Tkac. Mr. Tkac reserves all rights for use of the audio recording and can be contacted via BDK America. Individuals who wish to directly link to these audio recordings may do so without other permissions request, as long as the links include the first audio file for Chapter 1, with its Introduction and disclaimer.