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The English edition of The Teaching of Buddha is now provided free as an CD Audiobook, in six Compact Discs in a durable clamshell case, while supplies last. Recently discovered copies allow us to offer them on a limited basis, one per customer. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

 Technical Note: These CDs represent the state of technology for audio in the year of publication, 2004. We believe the CDs will operate on current players but have not tested the CDS on all platforms.

Basic teachings of Gautama Buddha in CD Audiobook form
7.4 x 4.3 x 1
+ shipping


The contents of this CD Audiobook come from English edition of The Teaching of Buddha, a compilation of some of the basics teaching of the historical Buddha.

As we recently discovered several cases we hope to make individual copies to our customers at no charge. Because quantities are so limited, we can only ship one copy to each customer. You can, however, order a copy for yourself and make a second order for a friend if you'd like by including the friend's shipping address in a second order. (It is not possible to make one order to be sent to two locations.)

We reserve the right to downsize any order for more than one copy to be shipped to the same address. 

Production Details

As read by Andrew Allensmith. Recorded and produced for BDK America by HearNow Studio, in 2004.

Total Running Time: Five hours, 50 minutes, across six CDs. 

Table of Contents


Disc One

Track Section Title Length
     1      1 The Life of Buddha    13:30
     2      2 The Last Teaching of the Buddha      4:52
     3      3 His Compassion and Vows    14:16
     4      4 Buddha's Relief and Salvation for Us      3:54
     5     5 The Eternal Buddha      2:46
     6     6 Three Aspects of Buddha's Body     5:07
     7     7 The Appearance of Buddha     3:49
     8     8 Buddha's Virtue     5:31
     9     9 The Fourfold Noble Truth     4:18
   10   10 Causation     1:46
   11   11 Dependent Origination     3:25
   12   12 Impernancency and Egolessness     3:44
   13    13 The Theory of Mind Only     3:29
   14    14 Real State of Things     5:35
   15    15a The Middle Way     5:00

Disc Two

Track Section Title Length
     1     15B The Middle Way (Continued)      4:54
     2     16 The Mind of Purity      7:24
     3     17 Buddha Nature      5:14
     4     18 Egolessness      5:12
     5     19 Human Defilements      8:56
     6     20 Man's Nature      2:14
     7     21 Human Life      6:42
     8     22 Reality of Human Life      6:52
     9     23 Amida Buddha's Vows      9:27
   10     24 Amida Buddha's Land of Purity     3:18
   11     25 Purification of the Mind     10:17

Disc Three

Track Section Title Length
    1     26 The Good Way of Behavior     14:38
    2     27 Teaching in Ancient Fables     17:14
    3     28 Search for Truth     15:23
    4     29 The Ways of Practice     16:19

Disc Four

Track Section Title Length
    1     30 The Way of Faith      8:33
    2     31 Sacred Sayings    10:30
    3      32 Homeless Brothers      7:31
    4     33 Lay Followers    12:18
    5     34 Family Life    11:34
    6     35 The Life of Women      8:03

Disc Five

Track Section Title Length
    1     36 In Service    11:00
    2     37 The Harmony of Brotherhood      9:00
    3     38 The Buddha's Land      5:27
    4     39 Those Who Have Received Glory in the Buddha's Land      5:09
    5     40 Brief History of Buddha's Teaching    17:16
    6     41 Transmission of Buddha's Teaching      6:11
    7     42 History of The Teaching of Buddha      3:41
    8     43 Sanskrit Glossary    10:16

Disc Six

Track Section Title Length
    1     44 Aṅguttara Nikayā     2:11
    2     45 Society for the Promotion of Buddhism and      7:41
    Distribution of The Teaching of Buddha   


Web Editor's Note: The listing of contents for the CD Audiobook is by track whereas the the listing of contents for the print volume is by Chapter and Section. For another view of the contents that are covered, in the following list we are repeating the Table of Contents from our English hardcover edition, which includes page numbers for that edition of the printed volume.

The Teaching of Buddha -- Table of Contents


Chapter One   Shakyamuni Buddha       2
    I.   The Life of The Buddha       2
   II.   The Last Teaching of The Buddha      10

Chapter Two   The Eternal and Glorified Buddha    15
    I.    His Compassion and Vows       15
   II.    Buddha’s Relief and Salvation for us      19
  III.   The Eternal Buddha       22

Chapter Three   The Form of Buddha and His Virtues      25
    I.    Three Aspects of Buddha’s Body       25
   II.    The Appearance of Buddha       29
  III.    Buddha’s Virtue      32


Chapter One   Causation      38
    I.    The Fourfold Noble Truth       38
   II.    Causation       41
  III.    Dependent Origination      42

Chapter Two   The Theory of Mind-Only and The Real State of Things       46
   I.    Impermanency and Egolessness      46
   II.   The Theory of Mind-Only      49
  III.     Real State of Things      52
  IV.    The Middle Way      57

Chapter Three   Buddha-Nature      65
    I.    The Mind of Purity       65
   II.    Buddha-Nature      71
  III.   Egolessness       75

Chapter Four    Defilements       81
    I.    Human Defilements      81
   II.    Human Nature      88
  III.    Human Life        90
  IV.    Reality of Human Life       95

Chapter Five   The Relief Offered by Buddha      102
    I.    Amida Buddha’s Vows     102
   II.    Amida Buddha’s Land of Purity     110


Chapter One   The Way of Purification      116
    I.    Purification of the Mind      116
   II.    The Good Way of Behavior     123
  III.    Teaching in Ancient Fables      134

Chapter Two   The Way of Practical Attainment      150
    I.    Search for Truth      150
   II.    The Ways of Practice     163
  III.    The Way of Faith      176
  IV.    Sacred Sayings     184


Chapter One   Duties of the Brotherhood     194
    I.    Renunciants      194
   II.    Lay Followers     200
  III.     Practical Guide to True Way of Living     212

Chapter Two   Building a Buddha Land      225
    I.    The Harmony of Brotherhood     225
   II.    The Buddha’s Land     23
  III.    Those Who Have Received Glory in Buddha’s Land     238

           Source References     245

The Appendixes
   I.    Brief History of Buddhism     258
  II.    Transmission of Buddha’s Teaching     268
  III.    History of The Teaching of Buddha     271
  IV.    Index to The Teaching of Buddha      273
   V.    Sanskrit Glossary     281

Society for the Promotion of Buddhism and Distribution of “The Teaching of Buddha”      288