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Kaimokushō or Liberation from Blindness


This thirteenth-century text by Nichiren extols the Lotus Sutra and critiques the other schools of Japanese Buddhism active at that time. Complete in one volume.

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Taishō 2689

Volume 84

Nichiren was motivated to write Kaimokushō or Liberation from Blindness as a result of the ordeals he experienced during exile to Izu and Sado, and it represents a reappraisal of The Lotus Sūtra (Taishō 262). Kaimoku means literally “to open the eyes,” the implication being that the work aims to lead people still at an early stage of spiritual development to the essence of the supreme Lotus Sūtra. Since Nichiren composed the work in Japanese and not classical Chinese, it is considered that he wrote it for his lay followers.

Jp. Kaimokushō (開目抄), composed by Nichiren. 2 fascicles.

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Dimensions10 × 6.5 × 1 in
Publishing Date2000
TranslatorSenchū Murano