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The Blue Cliff Record


This classic Chan/Zen text, The Blue Cliff Record, consists of 100 selected koans with commentary. The work is seen as a model text for practicing in the Rinzai (Linji) school. Complete in one volume.

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Taishō 2003

Volume 48

The Blue Cliff Record, also referred to as The Blue Cliff Collection, consists of 100 gongan (Jp. kōan) selected by Zhong-xian from the 1700 gongan of The Transmission of the Lamp (Taishō No. 2076). Zhongxian has added explanatory verses to each of the gongan, and later the comments of Keqin were appended. In the Linji (Jp. Rinzai) School this work is held in extremely high regard as a model text for instruction in the practice of Chan/Zen.

Ch. Foguo Yuan wu chanshi biyan lu (佛果圜悟禪師碧巖録), compiled by Zhong-xian, commentary by Keqin. 1 fascicle.

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Dimensions10 × 6.5 × 1 in
Publishing Date1998
TranslatorJ. Cleary