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Two Esoteric Sutras


This volume brings together two important sūtras of Esoteric Buddhism, The Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra and the The Susiddhikara Sutra. (The former is sometimes studied with The Vairocanābhisaṃbodhi Sutra, also published by BDK America,)

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Taishō 865

Volume 18

The Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra

In China and Japan this sūtra is looked upon as a fundamental sūtra of Esoteric Buddhism, together with the Mahāvairocana-sūtra (Taishō 39). It is generally known by its abbreviated title used here, Adamantine Pinnacle Sūtra (Ch. Zhigangding jing). This latter appellation is a figurative expression of the superiority of this sūtra, likened to the position of the diamond among precious stones. The rituals peculiar to Esoteric Buddhism for the purpose of attaining enlightenment are described in detail, and the Vajradhātu-maṇḍala (Maṇḍala of the Adamantine World, or Diamond Realm Mandala) is also based upon this sūtra.

Skt. Sarvatathāgata-tattvasaṃgraha-mahāyānābhisamaya-mahākalparāja. Translated into the Chinese by Amoghavajra as Jinggangding yiqie rulai zhenshi she dasheng xianzheng dajiao wang jing (金剛頂一切如來眞實攝大乘現證大教王經). 3 fascicles.

Taishō 893

Volume 18

The Susiddhikara Sutra

In The Susiddhikara Sutra, the Sanskrit term Susiddhikara means “the complete fulfillment of all deeds,” and refers to the efficacy of the rituals described. The text describes procedures for various important rituals. In Japan it is included in the groups of sūtras known as the Three Esoteric Sūtras and Five Esoteric Sūtras, and is regarded as one of the major texts of Esoteric Buddhism. 

Skt. Susiddhika-ramahātantra-sādhanopāyika-paṭala. Translated into the Chinese by Śubhakarasiṃha as Suxidi jieluo jing (蘇悉地羯囉經) . 3 fascicles.

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Publishing Date2002
TranslatorRolf W. Giebel