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Our History

Berkeley, CA
Moraga, CA

BDK America

BDK America is the U.S. branch of Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai, the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, an international organization with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  As a non-sectarian organization, BDK promotes better understandings of Buddhism through its publications, community activities, and academic programs at major universities.

We Serve the United States

BDK America distributes The Teaching of Buddha and other books to hotels, temples, schools, prisons and other organizations throughout our nation.  We also sponsor programs at temples within and outside of California, and support Ekoji Buddhist Temple on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.  BDK America has established Numata Programs in Buddhist Studies at eight American universities, including Harvard and Princeton. 

We Serve Moraga and Berkeley

BDK America has offices in Moraga and Berkeley, CA.  Our local programs include exhibitions, symposiums, and classes in the Japanese cultural arts. 


Translation Project
Numata Programs in Buddhist Studies
Toshi Award
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