Thought for Today

  Each year BDK shares a daily calendar of Buddhist thoughts paired with colorful images.

A spark of Buddhist wisdom for the 26th day of this month.

Maintain a peaceful mind.



A Teaching a Day

As a simple approach to basic Buddha's teachings, BDK America has provided 31 short lessons. Each day we provide a new lesson so that busy people will only need a minute or two each day to learn more about Buddhism. 

The Teaching of Buddha - Day 26 

The elements of the Noble Eightfold Path are: Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Behavior, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. 

Right View means to thoroughly understand the Four Holy Truths of Suffering, to believe in the Law of Cause and Effect and not to be misled by appearances and desires. 

Right Thought means the resolution not to cherish desires; not to be greedy; not to be angry; and not to do any harmful deed. 

Right Speech means to avoid lying, idle talk, abuse and hypocrisy. 

Right Behavior means not to destroy any life; not to steal; and not to commit adultery. 

Right Livelihood means to avoid any way of life that would bring shame. 

Right Effort means to make diligent and un­ending efforts in the right direction. 

Right Mindfulness means to maintain a pure and deeply thoughtful mind. 

Right Concentration means to train the mind to remain tranquil in its search for wisdom, seeking to realize the mind's true essence. 



All 31 lessons are collected in a small booklet called A Teaching a Day, as edited from our small hardcover book, The Teaching of Buddha. Both print items are available to order; you can also download a PDF of A Teaching a Day.



From the Dhammapada

We hope you enjoy today's excerpt from the Pali Dhammapada, an anthology of Buddhist ethical thoughts and precepts. With its simplicity of expression and poetic beauty, the Dhammapada has been a popular introduction to Buddhist wisdom through the centuries. 

Twin Verses ...

9. He who is defiled and is without self-control is not worthy of wearing a yellow robe.

10. He who has discarded all defilements, is well disciplined, and has selfcontrol is indeed worthy of wearing a yellow robe.