A Thought For Today A Teaching a Day From the Dhammapada

Thought for Today



A spark of Buddhist wisdom for the 16th day of this month.

All sentient beings, without exception,
have been our parents and brothers and sisters
for countless lives in many states of existence.



A Teaching a Day

  As a simple approach to basic Buddha's teachings, BDK America has provided 31 short lessons. Each day we provide a new lesson so hope that busy people only eed a minute or two each day to learn a more about Buddhism.  

The Teaching of Buddha - Day 16 

From desire springs action; from action we invite suffering. These three aspects: desire, action and suffering make up a wheel that rotates eternally. 

The rolling of this wheel has no beginning and no end; there is no escape to this endless cycle of reincarnation. We proceed from one life to the next within this endless recurring cycle of transmigra­tion. 

If one were to pile the cremated ashes of one man thrown away during this endless cycle, it would be higher than a mountain; and if one was to collect the mothers' milk which one suckled in all of one's incarnations, it would be deeper than the sea. 

Although the seed of Buddhahood is pos­sessed by all people, it is buried so deeply in the defilements of worldly passion that it long remains unknown. This seed of Buddhahood often remains indeterminably hidden. Such is the reason that suffering is so universal and there is the continual re­currence of lives without end. 


All 31 lessons are collected in a small booklet called A Teaching a Day, as edited from our small hardcover book, The Teaching of Buddha. Both print items will be available to order early in 2019.



From the Dhammapada

  We hope you enjoy today's excerpt from the Pali Dhammapada, an anthology of Buddhist ethical thoughts and precepts. With its simplicity of expression and poetic beauty, the Dhammapada has been a popular introduction to Buddhist wisdom through the centuries.  

Old Age ...

154. Now, however, you, the builder of the house, have been seen. You shall not build the house again. All your rafters are broken; your ridgepole is destroyed. My mind has been freed from the thirst of craving and has entered nirvana.