UPDATED — Dec. 16, 2016

Dear Reader of Hotelier Weekly eNews,

It's true -- our alternative spiritual amenity is free for your hotel rooms (in the continental United States). You pay nothing out of pocket. The books are free, we pay for shipping, and we don't ask for donations. 

But the real reason to give it a try is that guests like it

See for Yourself

Order a sample copy or copies for your guestrooms to see for yourself.

Expedited Response

Until further notice, we will respond to your request right away. Wherever possible we will use expedited delivery for single sample copies. We cannot guarantee expedited shipping for books in quantity, but if you have a deadline please let us know and we will let you know if it is possible.

The Teaching of Buddha from BDK America

Since the mid-1980s we have assisted Bukkyo Dendko Kyokai (BDK) in distributing these books here in the United States. Many of you know our book from AAHOA trade shows. Some of you may have seen these books in mainland hotels, or in Hawaii, or when you visited parts of Asia.

They're Small and Fit in the Nightstand Easily

Measuring just over 5" x 7" and about a half-inch thick, these books fit into hotel rooms and nightstand or bureau drawers easily. Guests like our cheery, sunny design.

Happier Guests?

Some hoteliers tell us some guests even thank them for supplying this book as an unexpected amenity. The result is happier guests.

So Don't Wait

Act now and see for yourself:


UPDATE: Note on the Online Catalog — Too Popular!

If you found yourself at BDK America's website, looking for The Teaching of Buddha, we apologize for any inconvenience. On Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016 we temporarily took down our free offers online.

We explain the reasons elsewhere, but for the first time our free offer was shared simultanously on multiple websites that aggregate free offers. In 36 hours we received as many requests as we usually get in over a year! We expect to restore our catalog in the first part of 2017, just as soon as we fulfill all these orders from our other customers.

Hotel Orders Still Being Taken and Fulfilled

However, those requests are from individuals. Hoteliers are important to us! Parallel to the team that's whittling down our backlog of individual orders, the requests for sample are handled by our hotel specialist. Orders in bulk are shipped by UPS typically within two weeks. So please don't worry that your order will be delayed.

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