At BDK America, we are happy to share educational and cultural programs, including exhibits and classes, with our friends and neighbors in Moraga and the greater Bay Area. (Events are scheduled at various times in Moraga or in Berkeley. Link to the schedule below for details.)

Class Schedule for August and September 2018

Our schedule of classes for August and September identify new series of classes in Tea and Yoga starting in September. And for Ikebana Now we can show the schedule for the full year

Class Schedule in July 2018

Here is a schedule of classes in July. Listed are classes for Way of Tea, Yoga with Meditation, and general information for students regarding the July Ikebana Show at the Buddhist Temple of Alameda. For Ikebana Now we can share the schedule for all of 2018 

Class Schedule in May and June 2018

Here is a schedule of classes in May and June

Please note that we are offering fewer classes in May as some series of classes have drawn to a close. But stay tuned for when we announce more classes for June. 

Class Schedule in March and April 2018

Here is a schedule of classes through the end of April

Ikebana Classes - March and April. Please note there will be no Ikebana class in March 2018. Generally classes meet from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and on the fourth Thursday of each month with some exceptions: June (third Thursday 6/21/18), July (prep morning of Friday 7/20/18 for flower show or early Saturday), Sept. (third Thursday, 9/20/18), Nov. (third Thursday, 11/29/18), and Dec. (third Thursday 12/20/18). See recent arrangements from Suiei Sensei and her students.

Yoga and Meditation  - March and April. We continue our popular yoga and meditation classes in our Berkeley location. Space is limited; Please sign up for a Monday session by the Saturday before: Space is limited to six students. 

Way of Tea Classes  - March and April. Classes sessions convene on various dates and a new five-part series begins March 24, meeting each Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at our Moraga location. Other sessions take place in Berkeley. Link to the schedule of classes above for details. Please contact  the instructor if you have questions.

Instructer Contact Information