BDK America Classes through July 2018

We're happy to share times and dates for local classes into the first full month of Summer. See our July Schedule for classes at Moraga and Berkeley for the Way of Tea and Yoga/Gentle Meditation, plus information about the upcoming Ikebana show July 21 at the Alameda Buddhist Temple in concjunction with their Obon Festival.

BDK Classes through June

We're happy to share times and dates for local classes into the start of Summer.  

BDK America Classes for May 2018

Here is our schedule for May, a little lighter than usual. Plus a link to the full 2018 schedule for Ikebana Now. June schedule to come soon.

BDK America Classes for January and February 2018

Updates of Classes in Moraga and Berkeley California from BDK America

BDK America Cultural Classes Schedule This Spring

BDK America Classes for March and April 2018

Class Schedule through End of 2017

BDK America Classes Continues through End of Year

BDK America is grateful to be able to host an expanded offering of cultural and spiritual programs for its facilities in Moraga and Berkeley, California. In this way we help broaden the appreciation of the many forms of Buddhist spirituality and Japanese art and culture. For this ability we offer a special thank you to our talented instructors as noted below, along with our schedule..  

Class Schedule through End of October

                      BDK America Continues Expanded Local Offerings

Class Schedule through End of September

                      BDK America Increases Local Offerings

Ikebana Classes at BDK America from Ikebana Now

                      The Glories of Ikebana

No Gate Tea's Summer Tea Party on Saturday, July 1

                      Join Us at Our Berkeley Facility