Through August: Gentle Yoga and Meditation in Berkeley

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Learn Ikebana in 2017

BDK America confirms the ongoing success of its classes inthe Japanese Art of Flower Arranging (Ikebana). "Classes are well attended and the students really enjoy them," says Brian Nagata, Director of Programs. 

The class is designed to bring meaningul growth for beginning students, and students may join in easily. 

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BDK America Presents Gentle Yoga and Meditation

The yoga postures (asanas) of this class will tone and stretch the body at a pace appropriate for you. The classes begin with breathing exercises to calm and balance the body and mind, followed by Sun Salutations and basic postures to build up your strength and flexibility and endurance. The class ends with 10 minutes' meditation on the mat or in a chair.

This yoga asana practice will help you sit comfortably for you meditation or simply for your relaxation. Meditation may be hard in terms of quieting our minds, but it should never be hard on the body. 

President's Day Tea Workshops Feb. 20, 2017

BDK America Japanese Arts & Culture Classes

Discovering the Japanese Way of Tea for Child and Parent

Part I, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Tea ceremony workshop for child and parent



Photo Exhibit Completes Successful Run and Extension

Thanks to All Who Attended

Photo Exhibition Featuring the Words of Buddha and the Landscape of India

Flyer for Words of Buddha - Scenes of India Exhibition

NEW! Special Tea Workshops for Parent and Child

BDK America Announces Special Tea Workshops for Parent and Child

Our popular workshops in the Way of Tea continue through the fall and winter months, conducted at our Berkeley location, including our first ever workshops focused on the relationship between parent and child.

Here is the latest information on our Way of Tea workshops.

Discovering the Way of Tea: Fall and Winter 2016

BDK America Announces Schedule, Provides Flyer for Download, for Latest Tea Workshops

Our popular workshops in the Way of Tea continue through the fall and winter months, conducted at our Berkeley location.

We are happy to announce two collections of workshops.

"Hidden Legacy" on Saturday May 14 at the Moraga Library

MORAGA, Calif. - On Saturday, May 14, BDK America hosts a special viewing of the documentary film, Hdden Legacy: Japanese Performing Arts in the World War II Internment Camps at the Moraga Library, followed by a short koto performance. The event starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 14, at the Moraga Library at 1500 St. Mary's Road.

Learn the Way of Tea or Ikebana

Japanese Cultural Classes in Continue in Moraga

Classes Are Well Attended, New Students Still Accepted