Welcome AAHOA Readers of "Today's Hotelier" Magazine!

Bill Teague, Webmaster

Moraga, CA — April 12, 2016. BDK America congratulates the Asian American Hotel Owners Association on the successful launch of its new publication, Today's Hotelier.

We are honored to be one of the advertisers in the May issue.

Here is a preview of our first advertisement in the new publication:

"Maitreya/Manjusri" Next Book in BDK English Tripitaka Series

Moraga, Calif. - Feb. 23, 2016. BDK America announces the imminent publication of two sutras in the Mahayana canon, The Sutra That Expounds the Descent of Maitreya Buddha and His Enlightenment and The Sutra of Mañjuśrī’s Questions

Published together in the same volume, these are important works in Indian Buddhism.

Great Sutra Sale Extended a Few More Days into 2016

Moraga, California — THIS JUST IN: BDK America will be extending its Great Sutra Sale into the first few days of 2016. 

"This is our way of thanking all the scholars and students of Buddhism who took advantage of our sale in November and December," said Bill Teague, Manager of Distribution. "We also wanted to allow those returning back from the winter break to have the same access to discounts that their colleagues had."

BDK America Adds Three New Titles in the BDK Tripiṭaka Series

Moraga, Calif. — December 9, 2015. BDK America is pleased share the most recent fruits of BDK's labors in translating the Chinese Mahayana canon as new volumes are published. The first two of these books are now available on our website for the first time. Moreover, all three volumes are available under the BDK America Great Sutra Sale at a 60% discount through the end of 2015.  

Here are our main publications in 2015.

Welcome Tricycle Readers to the Great Sutra Sale

THIS JUST IN — Extended Four Days Only — Welcome Tricycle Readers — Save 60 Percent

Welcome Lion's Roar Readers to the Great Sutra Sale

THIS JUST IN — Extended Four Days Only — Welcome, Lion's Roar Readers — Save 60 Percent

Presenting the Great Sutra Sale

THIS JUST IN — Extended Four Days Only — Celebrating Thirty Years and a 60 Percent Discount

Welcome Lion's Roar Readers

We welcome you to Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai America, or BDK America, and our offerings, which include

Hotel Owners: Make Your Boutique More Boutique

Dear Hotel Owner: Boutiques are Unique

Show how different and independent your boutique really is with our free in-room amenity, The Teaching of Buddha. Many fine boutiques already use our book and reap the rewards. 

Peace and Calm in Every Room

Guests who stay at boutiques which place our free amenity in their rooms often thank the host and ask to keep the book as a permanent souvenir of their stay. That's fine with us; we are always happy to send replacement copies.