Our Complete Tripitaka Catalog Available for Free Download

MORAGA, Calif. - January 24, 2018.  Over the last month BDK America, the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, has created new PDFs and restored others to provide PDFs for the entiire BDK English Triipitaka series. This means our entire Tripitaka catalog is now available for free access online.

                                    Updated link (June 2019): PDF Downloads

We were busy. At the start of the month BDK America expanded the number of available PDFs from 29 to 37. With posting of the remaining 17 titles, BDK now has all 54 volumes in its Tripitaka library available to students and scholars of Buddhism around the world  to view and download at no charge.

Some of these volumes were not previously available in PDF form.

Provisional Versions: Alpha and Beta Files

Scholars will note that we have named 22 of the PDFs with filenames beginning with the words "Alpha" or "Beta."


  • dBET_Alpha_ThreeChanClassics_1999
  • dBET_Beta_ZenTexts_2005.pdf

Alpha Versions. These are simple photographic scans of the original print volumes. All typographical coventions, includling fonts, pagination, and original transliteration approaches, remain unchanged. 

Beta Verions. These files have been modified from simple photographic scans, often with stylistic conventions updated to match the typographical conventions of  recent volumes in the Tripitaka series. Pagination may differ from the print volume in Beta files as the font has been updated. 

Why "Provisional." Over time all Alpha and Beta files will be updated. As a practical matter, the updated PDF may be available only when the corresponding print volume is reissued reflecting current typographical standards.  

For a list of all volumes ready to download now, click here.

About dBET PDFs 

Short for digital BDK English Tripiṭaka,  dBET PDFs are provided free for download for the benefit of students and scholars who otherwise would not be able to acquire the printed versions. 

A Note about the PDF Copyright Date

The PDF copyright notice reflects the year of creation of the PDF and appears on the title page of each PDF. It also identifies something important about pagination. For PDFs with  copyright date of 2016 or later, the pagination of the PDF remains unchanged from the print volume. However, some earlier PDFs may have been reformatted for several reasons, such as accommodating modern fonts. 

Attribution: Recommended Style for Citations

See Recommended Format for Scholarly Citation

Digital LOGO on Product Pages

For every title in our BDK English Tripitaka Catalog that has a dBET PDF version, look for this logo on the product page. Click on the logo to access the PDF.

For Notification. In future we hope to provide the PDF for a publication at roughly the same time that we release the print volume. For notification of new publiclations, or for updates of any Alpha or Beta PDF versions, visit our website or subscribe to the BDK America Bulletin (subscribe here).