September 30, 2016 — Moraga, Calif. BDK America is happy to announce that 2017 application forms are now posted for BDK Fellowships for Foreign Scholars studying in Japan during the 2017 academic year. This program is administered directly by the BDK Fellowship Committee out of the BDK international headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Link to 2017 Forms. The global website hosted by BDK Japan provides 2017 forms for download now. Please note deadlines identified on the application website. 

Back in June we first announced the improved access to applications and information about the program, thanks to the greatly improved English version of the BDK global website. 

Background on the Foreign Scholar Program. For more information, please see coverage at Please note the eligibility requirements and the deadline for applications.

Purpose. The BDK Fellowship aims to promote international cooperation and mutual understanding in Buddhist studies, and is intended to enable researchers to engage in advanced research on Buddhism while in Japan. Typically each year BDK awards several fellowships. For example, 2016 fellows were Emanuele Davide Giglio and Katarzyna Marciniak.

Role of BDK America. While BDK America does not have a hand in the selection process, we want to make sure any eligible scholars who would benefit from the program at least have an opportunity to apply. Applications are considered carefully by the BDK Fellowship Committee in Japan.