September 9 – December 16, 2015
(Every Wednesday; No class on November 11)

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La Sala Building at the Moraga Parks and Recreation Facility

BDK America offers the two courses below with Dr. Rev. Masaki Matsubara, providing a unique opportunity to learn about Japanese Buddhism and Mindfulness meditation. Both of the courses are open to people ages 18 and up. Both classes will be held at the La Sala Building at 2100 Donald Drive, Moraga, California.  The exterior of the classroom is shown to the right.

Note: To find the course site, look for 2100 Donald Drive as marked by a brown sign that reads Hacienda de las Flores. Turn into the gate and proceed into the facility.

• Mindfulness Meditation
Cultivation of mindfulness involves awareness of the senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch), dissolving the usual structures of ego, and relationship in space to people and objects, including the body/mind/thoughts. Meditation has been developed as an art form to cultivate this nuanced awareness and the sense of being here and now with yourself and others. We invite you to explore calm union with your fellow human beings, sharpening your attention and connectivity. Each moment is a unique moment in our lives, and meditation enables us to practice this insight: One Moment, One Meeting. This is an informal, secular session open to those who are interested in meditation. No experience or knowledge of meditation is required. Sit still.

    Wednesdays 10:00am to 11:00am (Weekly), Sept. 9 - Dec. 16 (Note: No class on Nov. 11

• History of Buddhism in Japan
This class will explore the history, culture, and traditions of Japanese Buddhism, which are undoubtedly the foundations of Japanese life, from the time of the introduction of Buddhism to Japan (around the 6th century) to the present. We will encounter a wide range of religious phenomena as well, including myth, ritual, pilgrimage, mysticism, and spiritual technology, etc. This class is divided into two parts. In the first part, we will study the lives of the founders and reformers of the major schools of Japanese Buddhism and samples of their representative philosophical, religious, autobiographical, and polemical writings. In the second part, we will turn to a discussion of topics of historical, social, cultural, and anthropological interest in Buddhism in Japan.

    Wednesdays 11:00am to 12:00pm (Weekly), Sept. 9 - Dec. 16 (Note: No class Nov. 11)


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Rev. Dr. Masaki Matsubara is a Zen priest with four years of monastic training in the Rinzai sect in Japan. Following his monastic training, Matsubara earned a Ph.D. in Asian Religions from Cornell University. He taught in Buddhist Studies / East Asian Languages and Cultures and in Religious Studies at UC Berkeley and was a fellow at the Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford University. Currently, he is a fellow at the East Asian Program and a Buddhist chaplain at Cornell University, and he is a fellow at the Contemplative Studies Initiative at Brown University. He is also the head priest of Butsumoji Zen Temple in Japan, traveling between the States and Japan to lead retreats and seminars.