BDK Classes through June

We're happy to share times and dates for local classes into the start of Summer.  

Vesak 2018

                      Observances Differ across Buddhist Schools

BDK America Classes for May 2018

Here is our schedule for May, a little lighter than usual. Plus a link to the full 2018 schedule for Ikebana Now. June schedule to come soon.

Special Event: Translating Buddhist Texts

The Making of an English Buddhist Canon


Free Copies of "The Teaching of Buddha" for Individuals

We are happy to send individuals a copy of one of our many editions of The Teaching of Buddha within the continental United States. Because we are a small nonprofit, sometimes the books can take two to four weeks to arrive, depending on the volume of requests. We appreciate your patience. 

BDK America Classes for January and February 2018

Updates of Classes in Moraga and Berkeley California from BDK America

RESTORED (and Why We Sometimes Close Orders for "The Teaching of Buddha")

UPDATE: Our many editions of The Teaching of Buddha are once more available for orders.

Updated Bibliography on Translations from the Mahayana Canon

If You Decide to Study the Mahayana Canon Further

We just learned of the 2018 update of a bibliography of translations of Chinese Mahayana texts from the Taishō edition of the Buddhist canon. 

BDK America Cultural Classes Schedule This Spring

BDK America Classes for March and April 2018

All Volumes in BDK English Tripitaka Available as PDFs

Our Complete Tripitaka Catalog Available for Free Download