BDK America Restores Ordering for Free Items

Several Items Now out of Print

Apologies for the Inconvenience

September 11, 2017. Moraga, Calif. — Because of an unexpected surge of thousands of orders at the end of August, we had to close down free orders simply to catch up and do our best job of getting existing orders out. But now we have almost caught up and are back in business.

If you ordered a free publication in August the order may have arrived already or will arrive in the next two weeks, as we still have some orders that are being prepared for shipment. Thank you all for your interest and your patience! 

If you were unable to complete an order in August and came to the site more recently only to find the free items were not available, thank you especially. Almost all free items have been restored to the website. 

OUT OF PRINT. Three publications are now out of print:  Strategies for Modern Living by Alfred Bloom, the CD Audiobook of The Teaching of Buddha, and the mini-booklet, Messages from the Buddha

Currently the Messages from the Buddha remains available as a PDF download. We are exploring options now on the other two publications; stay tuned for updates within the next two weeks.

Thank you again to the enthusiastic response to our publications and our effort to distribute them to you.

As a reminder, we are able to send free publications at our cost anywhere in the continental United States, in most cases. For questions about any of our publications and policies, please contact us care of the email address below at the bottom of this web page.