For the First Time, Detailed Information on Our Publicatons Readily Available Online

Early in August 2015, after several months of beta testing, BDK America announces that its new website has graduated from its "beta" status and is now fully enabled.

"Now our customers can find the book they want, place the order, and have their payment confirmed in a single operation," Brian Nagata, Director of Educational Programs, said. "Our first website provided a high quality of customer support and information, but the new site is more visually exciting and the equal of any publisher's online catalog today. And it has fully enabled eCommerce."

Nagata said the nonprofit will continue to tweak the website as a work in progress. Already, however, he noted that there is often three to four times the information available on BDK America publications than before, and that the information is typically just a click away. 

Nagata predicts that the higher visibility of the Website, both for the BDK English Tripiṭaka Translation series, and for the many BDK editions of The Teaching of Buddha, will result in more activity and interest in its publication programs. 

"We started getting new orders the moment we went live," Nagata said," especially for The Teaching of Buddha." BDK America sends the publication free at no charge anywhere in the continental United States, in various editions covering most of the world's major languages. 

Nagata noted that perhaps because of the scarcity of literature in Esperanto, orders for the Esperanto edition are equal to orders for the English edition over the last few days.

"This response reminds us of the applicability of the Buddha's teachings to our troubled world," he added.