New Role for UHP

Help with Processing Some Online Orders

Effectiive Immediately, BDK America announces that online orders for any of our books requiring payment — that is, the BDK English Tripitaka series and Buddha-Dharma — now shift over from our site to the University of Hawaii Press (UHP). The change does not affect how you will find and reseaarch any of our publications, and does not affect the ordering fulfillment and customer service for offline orders and our free publications online or offline.

Click to Add to Cart

For any publication, just click to add it to the cart.

Free. If it is a free publication, you will not leave our site. You will go the BDK America online shopping cart . 

Requiring Payment. If it is a book requiring payment — a volume in the BDK English Tripitaka series or Buddha-Dharma — you will go to the correlating product page onto the UHP site. From there it's a single click to the UHP online shopping cart. Note: In rare cases, if a book requiring payment has been released and is not yet posted on the UHP site, we will complete your order in our own shopping cart.

Expanded Role for UHP

BDK America had a long working relationship with UHP already: UHP has long served as one of our major points of distribution of all of our books for sale. Their commitment to Buddhist Studies, and the audience for Buddhist Studies, is well known in academic and temple communities.

Changes in Experience in Ordering Books Online

If you are already trained on the site, your experience will be only a little different with this one change. First, the experience does not change if you are ordering any of our free books.

Second, here are the changes if you are ordering one of our books for sale:

  • An extra click adds slighlty to the time it takes to order. 
  • At the UHP site your BDK America account information (including your name and address) — assuming you had created an account online with BDK America — will not carry over into the UHP shopping cart. However, the UHP site will also let you create an account with them, if you do not have one already, for your future convenience.
  • If, in a single shoppipng section you are ordering any of our free books and any of our books for sale, you will be dealing with two separate shopping carts, one on our site and one on the UHP site. This means the process will take a little bit longer.

​Customer Service. There are gains as well. Most importantly, the UHP has a larger staff to offer customer service to assist you as needed. They also have a broad range of titles on Asia and Buddhism that you will be able to include with your order of a BDK title as you expand your library.

Offline Orders

Many long-time customers (including bookstores and other institutions buying in bulk) typically order books by phone, mail, email, or fax. All such orders will be recieved and processed directly by BDK America staff. We are always happy to receive your offline order.

In Summary

“We are delighted to expand our relationship with the University of Hawaii Press in this fashion,” George Tanabe, President of BDK America, said. “Through their own publications and their many partners, UHP has special expertise in presenting, marketing and selling Buddhist books on line.” UHP already carries BDKA's full Tripitaka catalog on its site and was one of BDKA's most significant co-sellers, Tanabe added, well before their role was expanded.

“In their new online role, UHP will process online orders for these sutras, and provide customer service supporting the order, even when generated from our website,” he said.

More Information

For more information, see BDK America's press release here.