Suitable for All Web Devices Including Your Phone

Now from the international headquarters of Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai (BDK) come online versions of some of its popular booklets. including Messages from the Buddha, its version in Japanese (Buda no Oshie), and its Guide to Buddhism in Japan

Links to all three publications appear below, following these tips on using the online books.


On larger screen devices, the easiest way to navigate is to use the right and left arrows on your computer keyboard. However, you will note several ways to navigate through the book. (Hint: Do not click on the black box to the left of the cover image; it will take you to Japanese language instructions about the application.)

Cell phone users withe web access can swipe or use forward and back buttons or its own slider to move through the pages of the booklet.

Now here are links to the online booklets.

Messages from the Buddha

Click here to access Messages from the Buddha, which consists of key excerpts from The Teaching of Buddha

Buda no Oshie)

Some of our readers may wish to read Buda no Oshie, the Japanese original from which Messages from the Buddha was translated. Click here to access Buda no Oshie.

Guide to Buddhism in Japan

This short, helpful booklet is aimed at tourists in Japan interested in visiting Temples. It provides general and basic information about Temple etiquette, cultural background, and much more — even basic instructions for sitting in zen meditation. Click here to access Guide to Buddhism in Japan.