Japanese Embroidery Classes at BDK America

Detail of Japanese EmbroideryAt BDK America we are honored to be able to host our most recent class in Japanese culture, Painting with Threads: The Art of Japanese Embroidery.

We wish to express our gratitude that Lynda Fu, certified instructor of the Japanese Embroidery Center of America, is available to conduct these hands-on classes in the best traditions of this Japanese art form.


Painting with Threads: The Art of Japanese Embroidery, is a four-part course under the guidance of certified instructor Lynda Fu. Ms. Fu will introduce the basics of Japanese embroidery across four sessions. By the end of the course, students will have mastered enough to continue on their own.

The sessions run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on four Fridays: October 23, 30 & November 13, 20, 2015. Note that there will be no class on Friday, November 6.

All classes are held at the BDK America facility at 1675 School Street, Moraga California. Off-street parking is provided; the facility is ADA compliant. 


To register, please callLynda Fu directly at (416) 666-3438 or email her at this link: shishumama at aol dot com.

Materials and Class Fees. Equipment and materials for the course are $300. Class fees are $20 per class.

Interested parties may also contact BDK America for more information, at (925) 388-0067 or webmaster at bdkamerica dot org.


Bay-area embroidery artist Lynda Fu is an accomplished practitioner and instructor of Japanese embroidery. She is a certified instructor for the Japanese Embroidery Center of America. The Center is a nonprofit educational organization that promotes the tradition of Japanese embroidery, the practice of which can also have spiritual dimensions. The Center's website is recommended for a history of this craft and many galleries of beautiful examples. 


Download Flyer for “Painting with Threads” Classes