A Mix of New and Old

MORAGA, Calif. - January 3, 2018.  BDK America, the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, has expanded its available downloadable digital versions (PDF) of published volumes of the BDK English Tripiṭaka Series by over a fourth.The downloads are free.

The Society has added PDFs of one its newest pubication and restored PDFs of seven of its older volumes to the other PDFs currently available for a total of 37 volumes in the series. The newly available PDFs are listed below from most recent to oldest, identifed by title, Taishō number, and the year of original publication:

  • Three Short Treatises [T1609, T1858, and T1886] (2017)
  • The Awakening of Faith [T1666] (2005) 
  • ZenTexts [T2012A, T2543, T2580, and 2586] (2005)
  • The Treatise on the Elucidation of the Knowable, and The Cycle of the Formation of the Schismatic Doctrines [T1645 and T2031] (2004)
  • Kyōgyōshinshō: On Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment [T2646] (2003) 
  • The Summary of the Great Vehicle [T1593] (2003) 
  • Two Nichiren Texts [T2688 and T2692] (2003) 
  • Lives of Great Monks and Nuns [T2046, T2047, T2049, T2063, and T2085] (2002) 

A Note about Beta or Provisional Versions

You will see by their filenames that we have identified PDFs of the seven older publications above by including the version identifier of "Beta" in the filename.

Example: dBET_Beta_ZenTexts_2005.pdf

The word Beta indicates that at some point the original edition of the volume will eventually be replaced by an updated print version, as will the PDF. The future (Alpha) version will adhere to the style, usage, and format in our more recent volumes in the BDK English Tripiṭaka Series. Use of a standardized font in the reprints may also affect pagination. We offer these beta or provisional PDFs of our older backlist titles in the interim. 

All Recent Volumes Available. Notably, BDK America has already achieved its goal of posting PDFs of all recent publications on its website. Every publication over the last five years is now ready to download for students of Buddhism. WithIn the BDK English Tripitaka series, all but one of our publications from the last 12 years is ready to download. 

For a list of all 37 volumes ready to download now, click here.

About dBET PDFs 

Short for digital BDK English Tripiṭaka,  dBET PDFs are provided free for download for the benefit of students and scholars who otherwise not be able to acquire the printed versions. 

A Note about the PDF Copyright Date

The PDF copyright notice reflects the year of creation of the PDF and appears on the title page of each PDF. It also identifies something important about pagination. For PDFs with  copyright date of 2016 or later, the pagination of the PDF remains unchanged from the print volume. However, some earlier PDFs may have been reformatted for several reasons, such as accommodating modern fonts. 

Still More to Come

Over time we hope to backfill PDFs for our entire list of volumes in the BDK English Tripitaka series. Stay tuned for future announcements our subscribe to the BDK Bulletin to stay current.

Digital LOGO on Product Pages

For every title in our BDK English Tripitaka Catalog that has a dBET PDF version, look for this logo on the product page. Click on the logo to access the PDF.

More to Come. As dBET PDFs of additional volumes become available we will announce each new entry on our website and through the BDK America Bulletin (subscribe here).