We Want You to Have a Copy of The Teaching of Buddha

Since the 1980s, BDK America has been able to supply free copies of The Teaching of Buddha to people who request it, in almost every case, with the primary restriction that we would be sending it to a mailing or shipping address in the continental United States.

From time to time we are also able to distribute other free materials under the same terms. You can review our many translations of The Teaching of Buddha in our catalog for that title. A separate catalog covers any other free resources we may be able to offer at any time in a separate catalog.

Free Books and Free Shipping in the Continental United States

Not only are our free books truly free in and of themselves, until further notice we are able to ship them free anywhere—if in the continental United States. This includes APO or SPO addresses for our military services. The only state that is served by a separate office is Hawaii; that office can be contacted here.

Books in Quantity

Wherever possible we will consider requests for books in larger quantities beyond personal requests! We have a preference for working through institutions and over the years we have sent thousands of books to

  • Temples and spiritual centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels, inns, motels, and hostels
  • Religious programs in our military
  • Hospitals, hospices, and wellness centers
  • Yoga studios
  • Prisons and half-way houses

If you are an individual requesting books in quantities, we may hold your order and get back to you for more information. We try to comply with all requests within reason. Please understand that we will try as much as possible to comply with all requests. However, we reserve the right to decline requests at our discretion.

Requests for Free Books Outside the Continental United States

Because of the structure, funding levels, and historical precedents that exist at various regional offices covering other parts of the globe, we are not able to send free materials to addresses outside the continental United States. For access to BDK publications in other regions of the globe, please reach out to those those other regional offices for more information. Contact information for our global offices appears here.

Resumption of Service

With this announcement we are also lifting a temporary halt on free orders we called on December 16. This hiatus allowed us to deal with a sizable backlog. We are almost through with sending out requests from that ordering period, and we appreciate your patience. We reserve the right to temporariy halt free orders again in the future should orders grow too numerous to handle easily.