We are happy to send individuals a copy of one of our many editions of The Teaching of Buddha within the continental United States. Because we are a small nonprofit, sometimes the books can take two to four weeks to arrive, depending on the volume of requests. We appreciate your patience. 

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The Fine Print Writ Large

Because we are now adhering to internal policies that visitors may not anticipate, we want to identify them explicitly. Several factors could limit our ability to respond to your requests at the outset.

  • Geographic. We are limited to the continental United States (including APO or FPO addresses). If you receive your mail elsewhere, see our list of regional offices. This includes the state of Hawaii, which has its own office ready to take your request.
  • Quantity. We are limited in the number of books we can send you. For free, we can send one or two copies of the book or one copy each of two different editions. The maximum quantity for an order is typically for two publications total per order, or up to five if the requestor is okay in paying an additional charge (see below). 
  • Charges Can Apply. BDK asks us to impose a single fee of $15 for any order that exceeds two books. Therefore asking for three, four, or five copies will invoke the shipping charge . The policy is followed across BDK's regional offices.

Sometimes We Are More Successful Than We Can Handle

There are occasions when we have to close our website to new orders of The Teaching of Buddha, We do so when orders threaten our ability to respond in a timely fashion. 

By shortly closing our orders for four or five business days, we can make sure every request gets full attention and doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Closing Down Sooner Means We Can Reopen Sooner

We now know that if we close down when the surge is still manageable, we are able to reopen that much sooner. Typically we are able to reopen orders within a week of closure, if not sooner. 

Click now to see our entire catalog for individual orders of The Teaching of Buddha .