BDK America announces publication and availability of The Canonical Book of the Buddha's Lengthy Discourses, Volume II.

The volume includes ten more of some of the most interesting sutras in Buddhism.

Included are 

Sutra 11. The Gradual Increase of Doctrines by One
Sutra 12. Doctrines in Groups of Three
Sutra 13. Greater Causality
Sutra 14. Indra’s Questions on Causality
Sutra 15. The Episode at Anupiya
Sutra 16. Kalyāṇi-jātika
Sutra 17. Purity 
Sutra 18. Happiness Caused by Oneself 
Sutra 19. A Great Assembly
Sutra 20. Ambaṭṭha

In the Translator's Preface, Shohei Ichimura helpfully delineates among the major Buddhist Councils to compile and authenticate the teachings, including different versions of the longer sutras in this collection, and different organizational structures for the Tripiṭaka. The preface also illuminates the organizational structure of the Taishō Tripiṭaka in contrast to other efforts, resulting in the position of The Canonical Texts as Taishō 1. 

The latest volume completes the publication of the important collection by two thirds. The final volume to come will be Volume III, which completes the last ten sutras of the series. BDK will announce that final volume as soon as it is ready. Scholars and other students of the Dharma can receive an announcement by signing up for our occasional Bulletin—which we only send out when we have some important news—here

Learn more or order this new volume here.