Moraga, California – June 14, 2019. BDK America announces the immediate availability of Learning the Wisdom of Enlightenment

Learning the Wisdom of Enlightenment is a companion guidebook to The Teaching of Buddha, the compilation of Buddhist scriptural passages published by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai with close to 9 million copies distributed worldwide.

This new book cites passages from The Teaching of Buddha and adds explanations and examples that clarify the meaning of the ancient scriptures in an accessible and contemporary way. This guidebook is for people who want to stop and observe their own minds and to realize the reality of who they are. Just open this book casually and start reading freely from wherever you want. You will encounter an array of illuminating words offering ancient insights that are still relevant for modern living.

Easy Order. You can buy your own copy to be sent anywhere in the continental United states for just $6.00, which includes shipping. (California residents will find sales tax added.)

     Learning the Wisdom of Enlightenment

PDF. BDK America continues its policy of making publications available in PDF form as well. Use the link above and then click the PDF logo for immediate access to this new publication.

This new book serves to address the request from the many readers of The Teaching of Buddha who asked what they should read next. 

See the Table of Contents link below for a quick look at how the book is organized and the topics it presents.