Moraga, Calif. - Feb. 23, 2016. BDK America announces the imminent publication of two sutras in the Mahayana canon, The Sutra That Expounds the Descent of Maitreya Buddha and His Enlightenment and The Sutra of Mañjuśrī’s Questions

Published together in the same volume, these are important works in Indian Buddhism.

Cover of Volume Combining Maitreya Sutra and Manjusri's Questions

Maitreya Buddha

The Sutra That Expounds the Descent of Maitreya Buddha and His Enlightenment (Taishō 454) is translated into English from the Chinese Mahayana canon by Shōtarō Iida and Jane Goldstone. It is one of a number of texts on the future buddha Maitreya, an important figure who first appears in the Āgama sutras compiled after the first century C.E. The Chinese text translated in this volume is the Sutra on the Descending Birth of Maitreya originally translated into the Chinese by Kumārajīva, one of three texts that constitute the Maitreya Triple Sutra.

Manjusri's Questions

The Sutra of Mañjuśrī’s Questions (Taishō 468) is translated by John R. McRae. It is thought to have entered the Chinese canon during the sixth century C.E., sometime after the most well-known Mahayana scriptures. The range of topics addressed in the text reflect the vibrant state of Indian Buddhism during what was perhaps its most creative period and imparts a lasting impression of the concerns of the Indian Mahayana community. The Chinese source text is attributed to Saṃghabhadra as a translation of Indic sources. 

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