The Canonical Book
of  the Buddha's Lengthy Discourses

Vol. III


Now Complete

BDK America presents The Canonical Book of the Buddha's Lengthy Discourses, Vol. III, completing the three-volume set of this important work.

The publication is now available directly from BDK America (and will shortly be available from University of Hawaii Press). 

This volume contains the final ten sutras of the work:

  • Sutra 21. Brahmā’s Net     3
  • Sutra 22. One Who Cultivates Virtue     33
  • Sutra 23. Brāhmaṇa Kūṭadanta     49
  • Sutra 24. Kevaddha     75
  • Sutra 25. A Naked Brāhmaṇa Ascetic     83
  • Sutra 26. Knowledge of the Three Vedas     93
  • Sutra 27. The Rewards of the Life of a Śrāvaka     107
  • Sutra 28. Poṭṭhapada     123
  • Sutra 29. Lohitya     147
  • Sutra 30. A Buddhist Cosmology     

Volume III includes the same useful front and back matter as the earlier volumes, including the Translator's Preface, Notes, and Index.

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dBET to Come Soon
BDK America is dedicated to making its scholarly translations available as free dBET (digital BDK English Tripiṭaka) publications. The dBETs are provided in PDFs that can be downloaded directly from our Website.

While it is not ready yet, we hope to announce the availability of the dBET of Volume III soon. We appreciate your patience.