Our New Home on the Web

BDK America is preparing this new website to serve you better. For the next few months we are running this website in beta mode.

This means you can search our catalog and even order books in a pro forma way. However, during the beta phase these orders will not turn into "real" orders. We recommend that you enter bogus credit card information (16 digits) to test out our ordering process. 

We are allowing the order to appear to carry through and you will receive a pro forma notification. But again, there will be no follow through on our side, and you will incur no charges.

To Place a Real Order

We continue to take orders for any of our Tripitaka volumes at our current website at www.bdkamerica.org

You can also use our beta website and use the Comments section of the order form to ask for us to contact you to actually complete the order. Or you may reach out to us by telephone or email as shown below at the bottom of this page.

Why a New Website?

We are hoping our updated website will make our publications and efforts better known to even more people. In doing so, we are able to fulfill our mission to share the Dharma.

For questions about our programs and publications, please send us a note at info at bdkamerca dot org. For website issues please send us a note at webmaster at bdkamerica dot org.