UPDATE: Our many editions of The Teaching of Buddha are once more available for orders.

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BACKGROUND: Why do we sometimes close our website to new orders of The Teaching of Buddha?

Once in a while BDK America will close down the ability of visitors to order a free copy of The Teaching of Buddha.

Sometimes We Are More Successful Than We Can Handle

Especially when third-party websites talk us up — either to an audience interested in Buddhism already, or an audience exploring free offers in general — hundreds of people respond all at once. Then we build up such a backlog that we are not able to ship incoming orders in a timely fashion. 

So Your Order Doesn't Get Lost in the Shuffle

We shut down orders precisely for our fans and customers. By shortly closing our website to new orders for four or five business days, we can make sure every order gets full attention and doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Closing Down Sooner Means We Can Reopen Sooner

We now know that if we close down when the surge is still manageable, we are able to reopen that much sooner. Typically now we are able to reopen orders within a week of closure, if not sooner. 

Many Thanks for Your Patience

We thank you for your patience and understanding. Our closure of free orders of The Teaching of Buddha is only temporary.

The Fine Print Writ Large

When we reopen for orders, we are able to respond to requests for individual copies of any of our more than 50 editions of The Teaching of Buddha—but not in every case. We have various kinds of restrictions.

  • Geographic. We are limited to the continental United States (including APO or FPO addresses). If you receive your mail elsewhere, see our list of regional offices
  • Number of Copies. We can send one or two copies of the book at no charge. Requests for 3-5 copies invokes a charge (see below). If you find yourself in need of six or more copies we may not be able to help you, but send an inquiry to ttob@bdkamerica.org
  • Shipping Charge for 3-5 Copies. BDK asks us to impose a single fee of $15 for any order asking for three, four, or five copies.