Moraga, CA - September 24, 2017. Over the years, BDK America has published several special interest titles, popular while they lasted, but now out of print.

These occasional efforts were secondary to our two main efforts: the ongoing publication of the BDK English Tripitaka Series, and distribution of The Teaching of Buddha.

To make sure the out-of-print titles remain available for those who did not get a print copy, we have created downloadable PDFs of three of these popular titles. 

Three Special Projects

Arising out of unique circumstances and serving different specialized needs, the publications are 

The 1992 publication provides a careful discussion of one of the classics of the Japanese-based Jodo Shinshu tradition. The 2003 collection is a beautiful introduction to the principles of Buddhism within that same tradition. The 2013 publication, aimed at children, is the broadest of the three, with stories selected and retold from several wisdom traditions. 

"These publications now join many of our scholarly translations of works from the Chinese Mahayana canon on our download page," Bill Teague, website editor, says. "As time goes by, we expect to continue to expand the titles and free PDF downloads to support students of Buddhism and others around the world.," Teague said. There are now 22 volumes of the BDK English Tripitaka series and five other publications of more general interest available as free PDF downloads, he said.

Full Listing of Download Titles Now Available

From the BDK English Tripitaka Series

Apocryphal Scriptures (Taishō 2887, Taishō 389, Taishō 685, Taishō 784, Taishō 842)
The Baizhang Zen Monastic Regulations (Taishō 2025)
Buddhacarita: In Praise of Buddha's Acts (Taishō 192)
Expository Commentary on the Vimalakīrti Sutra (Taishō 2186)
The Great Tang Dynasty Record of the Western Regions (Taishō 2087)
The Interpretation of the Buddha Land (Taishō 1530)
The Lotus Sutra, Revised Second Edition (Taishō 262)
The Madhyama Āgama (Middle-Length Discourses), Volume I (Taishō 26)
The Nirvana Sutra, Vol. I (Taishō 374)
The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (Taishō 2008)
The Pratyutpanna Samādhi Sutra and The Śūraṅgama Samādhi Sutra (Taishō 418, Taishō 642)
Prince Shōtoku's Commentary on the Śrīmālā-sūtra (Taishō 2185)
Shōbōgenzō: The True Dharma-Eye Treasury, Volume I (Taishō 2582)
Shōbōgenzō: The True Dharma-Eye Treasury, Volume II (Taishō 2582)
Shōbōgenzō: The True Dharma-Eye Treasury, Volume III (Taishō 2582)
Shōbōgenzō: The True Dharma-Eye Treasury, Volume IV (Taishō 2582)
The Sutra of Queen Śrīmālā of the Lion's Roar and The Vimalakīrti Sutra (Taishō 353, Taishō 475)
The Sutra on the Concentration of Sitting Meditation (Taishō 614)
Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith and Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo (Taishō 2661, Taishō 2668)
The Three Pure Land Sutras (Taishō 360, Taishō 365, Taishō 366)
Tiantai Lotus Texts (Taishō 1519, Taishō 1931, Taishō 276, Taishō 277)
The Vairocanābhisaṃbodhi Sutra (Taishō 848)

General Interest or Special Publications

A Commentary with the Text of the Tannisho: Strategies for Modern Living
Stories for Wisdom
The Heart of the Buddha-Dharma: Following the Jodo Shinshu Path
A Teaching a Day [Mini-Booklet]
Messages from the Buddha [Mini-Booklet]