Moraga, California – UPDATED June 22, 2019. BDK America announces the reopening of its catalog of over 50 editions of The Teaching of Buddha

Print Versions. Now those interested in personal copies of The Teaching of Buddha can purchase them at the price of $8.00 for any hardcover or $6.00 for any paperback edition. The price of mailing or shipping is included  There no quantity restrictions. Geographic restrictions apply (see below).

Free PDF Versions. Thanks to the work and leadership of BDK Japan, all individuals can download free translations of The Teaching of Buddha from over 45 languages at no cost. No geographic restrictions apply. 

BDK America is now selling individual copies of The Teaching of Buddha to cover some of its costs as PDFs are always free of charges. In this way the group will be able to continue sharing the Teachings for decades to come.

           See our catalog of our 50 editions of The Teaching of Buddha

           See all free PDFs (scroll down to find Teaching books).

More details follow.

How much will books cost?

All copies of print editions of The Teaching of Buddha as offered in our catalog are priced at $8.00 hardcover and $6.00 in paper.

How much will shipping or mailing cost?

For print editions of The Teaching of Buddha as offered in our catalog , the costs of mailing or shipping is included. The same policy applies to a few other books we publish, with the exception of the Tripitaka volumes. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

For print books, we typically rely on U.S. Postal Media Mail unless a large number of books is ordered, in which case we use a shipping service. We recommend allowing two-to-three weeks for delivery in most cases.

Where can you send print copies of The Teaching of Buddha?

For these books, BDK America office serves the continental United States. We can send The Teaching of Buddha to any of the 49 states of North America (including APO and FPO addresses).

Separate offices exist to serve Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and other locations. For such cases please contact the most appropriate regional office, or send us a note if you need help. 

Why are you able to send Tripitaka volumes more widely than The Teaching of Buddha?

BDK America is the only office tasked with global distribution of BDK English Tripitaka volumes. (Note also that pricing and shipping costs for Tripitaka volumes varies by book and location.)

Note: An earlier version of this announcement on June 14 identified hardcover costs at $7.00. As of June 22, 2019 the price per hardcover was increased to $8.00.