Last Copies of Audiobook for The Teaching of Buddha Have Shipped








August 25, 2017—Moraga, Calif. In less than two months we distributed hundreds of copies of our Audiobook version of The Teaching of Buddha. We really appreciate the great response to our offer.

This Audiobook, published in 2004, was out of circulation—and we thought it must have been out of print. Then we discovered several cases still available and decided to share the publication with our customers at no charge. But we knew the end would come, so we always identified, "while supplies last." And now that time has come. We have run out of the publication. Our supply is exhausted.

Our Apologies

We sincerely apologize to any of you who were hoping to order the Audiobook but whose order was not received in time. We are in the process of reviewing the last group of orders that came in as we were closing the catalog. We are hopeful that if you ordered the Audiobook already, we will be able to send it to you. We will know for sure the week of August 28.

Next Steps--Thanks for Patience

We are currently working to post the MP3 files on our site so you can listen to them online or download them for later. Here on the website we will announce their availability when we post them. If you would like to receive an outound announcement from us, please subscribe to our BDK America Bulletin, which we use for just such announcements.

About the Bulletin

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