BDK America Provides Free Individual Copies of The Teaching of Buddha

Individual Copies Almost Always Mailed Free of Charge Anywhere in the Continental United States

 Note New Quantity Limitations 

Moraga, Calif.  January 6. 2018 — UPDATE. On December 7, 2017, BDK America reopened orders for The Teaching of Buddha, the popular compilation of the basic teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. 

Background. BDK America, the not-for-profit publisher and Buddhist society, closed orders iof free items n November 2017 to deal with one of the periodic surges in free orders we have experienced over the last year and more. Such surges were often the happy result of the rapid sharing of information on the Internet. That is, the information about our offer — Buddhist teachings sent free anywhere in the continental United States — was spread widely and enthusiastically on several websites.

Access our catalog for The Teaching of Buddha here

.Specific Changes

To avoid future shutdowns and to align our policy with how other BDK regions operate, we have adjusted our policies. More information follows..

We Continue to Send Free Individual Copies. We remain happy to send one or two editions of The Teaching of Buddha to addresses in the continental United States (including military APO or FPO addresses). Note that Hawaii maintains its own office; see

Three to Five Copies: Processing Charge. For customers who require 3, 4, or 5 copies, a single processing charge is required. That charge is $15 overall. The single charge is added to your shopping cart whether you order 3, 4, or 5 copies. That is, the processing charge is triggered with the third book and remains the same as you add a fourth or fifth book.

All Single Orders Limited to Five Books. Any single order will only proceed to checkout and processing if it includes five or fewer free books from our catalog for The Teaching of Buddha. The catalog order site will not allow more than five free items in any case. 

The Fine Print

When third party web pages share our offer to send free copies of The Teaching of Buddha, the sites sometimes miss important qualifications, so we would like to clarify some policies. Specifically, our free publications are not free under all circumstances. 

  • Geographic Restrictions. We are unable to honor orders outside the continental United States even if the person ordering would pay for the shipping. Our catalog and shopping cart explain this policy. For requests from outside the continental United States for the free books, we refer the requestor to BDK organizations serving other regions.
  • Quantity Restrictions. The policy on quantity restrictions has now been programmed into our online catalog and shopping cart as explained above. 
  • Reservation of Rights. In our newly revised program for The Teaching of Buddha, we are primarily interested in getting individual copies into the hands of individuals. We try to respond to all requests, but we reserve the right to not fill all orders on occasion. If we are not able to respond to a request, we will send an email to the customer to suggest alternatives.  

For more information see also our FAQs

New Policies Do Not Affect our Books for Sale or PDF Downloads

Books for Sale. In addition to the free publication, The Teaching of Buddha, BDK America works with BDK Japan to publish volumes in the BDK English Tripitaka series. Sale of these books are not affected by the newly announced changes in our handling of requests for The Teaching of Buddha. Parties interested in these publications are encouraged to browse our Tripitaka catalog. When the user clicks to add a volume to a shopping cart, the website transfers them to the University of Hawaii Press, our partner in handling sales of volumes in the series. 

PDF Downloads. We try to provide access to free PDF downloads of many of our popular titles, especially for the books for sale, that is, the BDK English Tripitaka series. See all of our PDF downloads listed here

For Institutional Orders

We continue to serve institutions (including Temples, Schools, Hotels, etc.) which require orders in quantity. For the immediate future, we ask the institution to make their order request by email ( or phone, mail, or fax. See our Contact page.

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