If You Decide to Study the Mahayana Canon Further

This note is directed to students of Buddhsim who have just started on their exploration of the riches in the Mahayana canon.

We just learned of the 2018 update of a bibliography of translations of Chinese Mahayana texts from the Taishō edition of the Buddhist canon. The translations identified are into English and some other Western languages. 

See the bibliography here to open a new window separate from the BDK America site.

Many thanks to Marcus Bingenheimer, who has maintained and now updated this comprehensive listing as of February 7, 2018. The formal title of the website is "Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages." Many scholars refer to it as the Bingenheimer list.

In announcing the update (via a blogsite for Buddhist scholars), Professor Bingenheimer writes, "Currently, there is data on translations of 524 Buddhist texts from Chinese into European languages. The Taishō contains c. 3200 texts, its largest supplement the Manji shinsan zoku zōkyō contains another c. 1200, and of course there are other collections as well. There is still work to be done."


  • BDK America and Online Texts. On his website, Bingenheimer also reminds visitors that the bibliography does not include online texts. However, all BDK America publications are included in the bibliography as we publish them in physical form. Just recently we completed posting online versions of our entire BDK English Tripṭitaka series to date.
  • Eastern European Languages. Bingenheimer further notes the paucity of information about published translations into Eastern European language.

Publication Note

Professor Bingenheimer is the Editor-in-Chief of the BDK America translation, The Mahayama Āgama (Middle-Length Discourses), of which Volume I is in print and Volumes II and III are forthcoming.