Moraga, Calif. March 23, 2017. BDK America announces publication and availability of The Collection for the Propagation and Clarification of Buddhism, Volume II.

The volume includes the final seven fascicles (8-14) of this important work, Taishō 2102, and completes the work. (Volume I includes fascicles 1-7.)

The Collection is widely known as an invaluable source to examine the early development of Chinese Buddhism and how this foreign religion was accepted and adopted in Chinese society. A notable aspect of this work is that Buddhist tenets are explained using Confucian and Daoist terminology. Included are hundreds of individual documents, including imperial decrees and letters from leading thinkers of the time.

In her "Translator's Introduction," Harumi Hirano Ziegler notes that Sengyou, the work's original compiler, believed "The Way is propagated by people, and the teaching is clarified by literature.” She goes on to say, "These writings were intended to protect the Buddhist Dharma from interference by those who valued the teachings based on Confucianism and Daoism, and by the political powers of the time, as well as in order to promulgate Buddhism."

Speaking for BDK America, Bill Teague, manager of distribution, says "This volume completes this important work and now makes the entire collection available to the many Buddhist scholars who have had to content themselves with only half of the work, and we appreciate their patience." Teague notes that currently the only place the book can be purchased is through the BDK America website. "Over time our other retail partners will also make Volume II available," he said. Of special note is that once books are published and in the University of Hawaii Press web catalog, visitors to the BDK America website are linked directly to the UHP website when adding a volume to the shopping cart. "We're grateful to the University of Hawaii Press, and only with our most recent publications are sales completed in our own estore." In this way, scholars may obtain a copy of publications upon publication, without having to wait further, he said.

The latest volume completes the publication of this important collection. Scholars and other students of the Dharma can receive an announcement of our latest publications by signing up for our occasional Bulletin—which we only send out when we have some important news—here

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