Thanks for your visit!. We are BDK America, short for Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai America, the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism. We dedicate ourselves to the improvement of understanding and appreciation of the Buddha's teachings.

  BDK America's Offices at 1675 School Street in Moraga, California

BDK America's Offices, Alternate View

On shorter winter days, sometimes the office looks like this at dusk.


We Serve the Globe

Under the direction of Buddhist scholars in Tokyo Japan, we edit and publish translations of works from the Chinese Mahayana canon in the BDK English Tripitaka Translation Series, and ship them around the globe. See our catalog. See also our listing of our free PDF files of many of these sutras and more.

We Serve the Continental United States

On the mainland we distribute a short compilation of basic Buddhist teachings, The Teaching of Buddha, free in most cases to individuals and institutions (including hotels, temples, prisons, and hospitals). See our catalog. (For regions beyond the continental United States, see our complete list of BDK offices.)

Even More Free Dharma. While supplies last we are offering other publications to interested parties at no cost. See our "Inroductory FREE Resources" catalog page here, and for free PDFs, see our listing of downloads here.

We Serve Moraga and Berkeley

As grateful neighbors in the beautiful community of Moraga, California, we foster local programs, including occasional exhibits and classes in meditation, in Buddhism, and in traditional Japanese arts. Some classes are also presented at nearby Berkeley. See current programs here.

Latest Programs. To serve the local community, BDK America offers classes in the Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea, and Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. 


Thank You for Your Visit

Please explore our website. If you don't find what you need here, please ask! You can phone or mail or send an email to webmaster at BDK America dot org (link enabled).