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Pause for New Orders -- and Thanks

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Farewell to Alfred Bloom

                      Remembered as a Major Shin Buddhist Scholar

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                      Last of CD Audiobooks out the Door

Ikebana Classes at BDK America from Ikebana Now

                      The Glories of Ikebana

CD Audiobook of "The Teaching of Buddha"

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UPDATE: NOW OUT OF PRINT. With apologies, we distributed all available copies in the Summer of 2017 and the item is no longer in print. 

No Gate Tea's Summer Tea Party on Saturday, July 1

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Through August: Gentle Yoga and Meditation in Berkeley

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Welcoming Vesak

                      Observances Differ across Buddhist Schools

Volume II Completes Collection for Propagation

Moraga, Calif. March 23, 2017. BDK America announces publication and availability of The Collection for the Propagation and Clarification of Buddhism, Volume II.

The volume includes the final seven fascicles (8-14) of this important work, Taishō 2102, and completes the work. (Volume I includes fascicles 1-7.)