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Koichi Shinohara


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Volume I introduces this expansive anthology—with excerpts from Buddhist canonical sources and historical records—presenting the first seven of the work's 100 fascicles. Contents focus on the variety of Buddhist practice and are organized by theme. 

Large Anthology on Buddhist Practice


This major collection offers a comprehensive and distinctive reading of the Buddhist canon at the time of its composition (Seventh century CE). Because the work includes Chinese passages from mainly Indic sources, and the Indic sources are often no longer available, the work rescues scripture that would otherwise be lost to history.

Volume I includes Fascicles 1–7 (Chapters 1–4). Volume II is now in print, including Fasciles 9-12 (Chapter 5). In the near future, a third volume will appear, also translated by Professor Shinohara, covering fascicles 13-20. The remaining 80 fascicles of this large text are being translated by a number of scholars and will be published in sequential volumes over the next several years.

Taishō 2122

Volume 53

A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden

A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden (Fayuan zhulin, T. 2122) is a large anthology of thematically arranged excerpts from Buddhist canonical sources and historical records, attributed to the seventh century monk Daoshi. A comprehensive and distinctive reading of the Buddhist canon, A Forest of Pearls presents an extraordinarily rich account of Buddhist practices.


Ch. Fayuan zhulin (法苑珠林), compiled by Daoshi (道世). 100 fascicles.

Translator(s): Koichi Shinohara (Volumes I-III)

Table of Contents

A Message on the Publication of the English Tripiṭaka    NUMATA Yehan    v
Editorial Foreword MAYEDA Sengaku    vii
Publisher’s Foreword A. Charles Muller    ix

A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden, Volume I

Fascicle    1
     Preface to A Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden    3
     [Topics To Be Discussed]    7
     Chapter One. The Measurement of World Ages (Kalpas)    9
Fascicle 2
     Chapter Two. The Three Realms    49
Fascicle 3
     Chapter Two (continued). The Three Realms (continued)    89
Fascicle 4
     Chapter Three. The Sun and Moon    123
Fascicle 5
     Chapter Four. The Six Realms of Rebirth    163
Fascicle 6
     Chapter Four (continued). The Six Realms of Rebirth (continued)    217
Fascicle 7
     Chapter Four (continued). The Six Realms of Rebirth (continued)    273

Bibliography    325
Index    327
A List of the Volumes of the BDK English Tripiṭaka (First Series)    357