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John P. Keenan


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This fourth-century commentary on the Buddhabhūmi-sūtra is one of the earliest texts of the Yogācāra (Mind-Only or Consciousness-Only) tradition.

One of the earliest texts of the Mind-Only school


Taishō 1530

Volume 26

The Interpretation of the Buddha Land

The Interpretation of the Buddha Land is a commentary on the Buddhabhūmi-sūtra. It takes as its subject the final stages of the transition from bodhisattva to buddha. The bodhisattva's progress is divided into various stages, the tenth and final one of which is called the ‘“stage of a buddha” (buddhabhūmi).

In structure, The Interpretation of the Buddha Land presents its contents in three sections, a format which was widely adopted and served as a model for later commentaries on other sūtras.

Skt. *Buddhabhūmisūtra-śāstra by Bandhuprabha et al. Translated into the Chinese by Xuan-Zang as Fodijing lun (佛地經論). 7 fascicles.

Table of Contents

A Message on the Publication of the English Tripiṭaka     NUMATA Yehan     v
Editorial Foreword     MAYEDA Sengaku     vii
Publisher’s Foreword     Francis H. Cook     ix
Translator’s Introduction     John P. Keenan    xiii

The Interpretation of the Buddha Land

Introduction 1

Part One
   Chapter I. The Arising of the Teaching 5

   Chapter II. The Good Qualities of the Pure Land 11
   Chapter III. The Buddha’s Good Qualities 35
   Chapter IV. The Good Qualities of the Bhagavat’s Retinue 51
   Chapter V. The Distinction Between Wisdom and Cessation In Regard to the Great Word-hearers 59
   Chapter VI. The Good Qualities of the Bodhisattvas 65

Part Two: The Content of the Teaching
   Chapter VII. An Analysis of the Five Wisdom Factors 75
   Chapter VIII. The Pure Dharma Realm 97
   Chapter IX. Mirror Wisdom 123
   Chapter X. Equality Wisdom 147
   Chapter XI. Discernment Wisdom 159
   Chapter XII. Duty-Fulfillment Wisdom 175

Part Three: The Practice Based on the Dharma
   Chapter XIII. The Experience of Wisdom 191
   Chapter XIV. The Concluding Verses 203
   Chapter XV. A Discussion on the Three Bodies of the Buddha 223

Notes  237
Glossary  245
Bibliography  251
Index  253
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