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Hisao Inagaki
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Considered by many to be Shinran Shonin's masterwork, this text expounds the doctrincal basis of the Shin School of Pure Land Buddhism. Complete in one volume.

Masterwork by Shinran Shonin on Pure Land doctrine
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Taishō 2646

Volume 83

Kyōgyōshinshō: On Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment

Kyōgyōshinshō: On Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment is generally known simply as the Kyōgyōshinshō and is Shinran’s masterpiece, the basic doctrinal text of Shin Buddhism (the Jōdo Shinshū sect of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism). The text is characterized by its many quotations taken from numerous Buddhist scriptures to clarify Shin concepts. At the same time the author refrains as much as possible from adding his personal views. This work is thus an attempt by Shinran to systematize his thought by means of quotations from Buddhist scriptures. It should be mentioned that Rennyo, the eighth patriarch of the Shin sect, selected a passage from this work to be read daily by Shin followers: the Shōshin-nembutsu-ge (“Verses on Correct Faith and Nembutsu”), taken from the closing section of the chapter “‘On Practice.”

Jp. Kenjōdo shinjitsu kyōgyō shōmon rui (顯淨土眞實教行証文類), composed by Shinran. 6 fascicles.

Table of Contents

A Message on the Publication of the English Tripi†aka    NUMATA Yehan    v
Editorial Foreword    MAYEDA Sengaku    vii
Publisher’s Foreword    Francis H. Cook    ix
Translator’s Introduction    INAGAKI Hisao    xiii

Kyōgyōshinshō: On Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment

Preface 3
Chapter I. Revealing the True Teaching 5
Chapter II. Revealing the True Practice 9
Chapter III. Revealing the True Faith 83
Chapter IV. Revealing the True Enlightenment 169
Chapter V. Revealing the True Buddha and Land 197
Chapter VI. Revealing the Transformed Buddhas and Lands 233

Notes 341
Glossary 351
Bibliography 421
Index 423
A List of the Volumes of the BDK English Tripi†aka (First Series)