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Charles Willemen


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Here is one of the more fascinating versions of the Dhammapada in Buddhist literature. Of special interest to readers charmed by the Pali version, this work includes new content—both verses and commentaryfrom additional sources. This volume remains the pioneering work that introduced up to a third of new content to readers of English for the first time.

Expanded Dhammapada, first introduced here in English


Taishō 211

Volume 4

The Scriptural Text: Verses of the Doctrine with Parables

From several Indic sources, and with a doctrinal affiliation still somewhat Theravadin, this work contains short commentaries (aṭṭhakathā) recording the tales and fables surrounding each verse. This expanded version of the Dhammapada provide new instances of the Buddha's wisdom, expressed in pithy sayings on all aspects of life.

Chapter organization is by a particular aspect of life, with such titles as “Impermanence,” “The Wise Man,” or “The Fragrance of Flowers.” Each chapter includes verses on the topic and relates their context and origin. Readers familiar with the 26 chapters of the Pali Dhammapada will here find additional content, numbering 39 chapters in all.  

Brought by Faju and Fali into the Chinese, with additional materials, as Faju piyu jing (法句譬喩經). 4 fascicles.

Table of Contents

A Message on the Publication of the English Tripiṭaka    NUMATA Yehan    v
Editorial Foreword    MAYEDA Sengaku    vii
Publisher's Foreword    Kenneth K. Inada    ix

The Scriptural Text: Verses of the Doctrine, with Parables 

Translator's Introduction    Charles Willemen    1

Volume One 
   Chapter I  Impermanence  7
   Chapter II  Training  17 
   Chapter III  The Very Learned  25 
   Chapter IV  Earnest Faith  35 
   Chapter V  Morality  39 
   Chapter VI  Mindfulness  41 
   Chapter VII  Kindness  4
   Chapter VIII  Words  5
   Chapter IX  Fundamentals in Pairs  53 
   Chapter X  Negligence  61 
   Chapter XI  The Mind  65 
   Chapter XII The Fragrance of Flowers  67 

Volume Two 
   Chapter XII   (continued)  71  
   Chapter XIII  The Fool  77  
   Chapter XIV  The Wise Man  83  
   Chapter XV  The Arhat  91  
   Chapter XVI  An Account of Thousands 95 
Chapter XVII     Evil Conduct     103 
   Chapter XVIII     The Rod     109 

Volume Three         
   Chapter XIX     Similes with Old Age     115 
   Chapter XX     Holding Oneself Dear     121 
   Chapter XXI     The World     125 
   Chapter XXII     Speaking About the Buddha     127 
   Chapter XXIII     Happiness     133 
   Chapter XXIV     Pleasure     139 
   Chapter XXV     Anger     143 
   Chapter XXVI     Defilements     147 
   Chapter XXVII     The Righteous     151 
   Chapter XXVIII     Practicing the Path     155 
   Chapter XXIX     Miscellaneous     159 
   ChapterXXX     Hell     165 
   Chapter XXXI     Similes with the Elephant     171 
   Chapter XXXII     Craving     177 

Volume Four         
   Chapter XXXII     (continued)     181 
   Chapter XXXIII     Nurturing by Gain     191 
   Chapter XXXIV     The Ascetic     195 
   Chapter XXXV     The Brahman     199 
   Chapter XXXVI     Nirvana     203 
   Chapter XXXVII     The Birth and Death Cycle     207 
   Chapter XXXVIII     The Advantage of the Path     211 
   Chapter XXXIX     Good Fortune     223 

Glossary         229 
Bibliography         231 
Index         233 
A List of the Volumes of the BDK English Tripiṭaka (First Series)