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This sūtra collects 121 lively and colorful stories and parables from the time of Śākyamuni and his disciples to that of King Kaniṣka of the second century C.E. Complete in one volume.

Stories and anecdotes of Buddha and his disciples


Taishō 203

Volume 4

The Storehouse of the Sundry Valuables

The Storehouse of the Sundry Valuables includes such famous stories as the narrative of the spiritual and political relationship of King Kaniṣka with Aśvaghoṣa (Fascicle 7) and how the monk Nāgasena caused King Milinda to embrace the Buddhist faith (Fascicle 9). A number of these tales appear to be based on historical facts, and such internal evidence, such as the appearance of King Kaniṣka, confirms that this work was compiled after the second century C.E.

by Kiṃkārya and Tan-yao into the Chinese as Zabao zang jing (雜寶藏經). 10 fascicles. .

Table of Contents

A Message on the Publication of the English Tripiṭaka     NUMATA Yehan     v
Editorial Foreword     HANAYAMA Shōyū     vii
Publisher’s Foreword     Philip Yampolsky     ix

Translator’s Introduction     Charles Willemen     1

     Chapter I
Parable 1: King Daśaratha 6
Parable 2: The Prince Who Saved His Parents with His Own Flesh 9
Parable 3: The Little Parrot That Supported Its Blind Parents 13
Parable 4: The Country Called Rejection-of-the-Aged 14
Parable 5: The Buddha Expounds the Doctrine to His Mother Māyā in the Trāyastriṃśa Heaven 19
Parable 6: The Buddha’s Explanation about His Former Mother Kacaṅgalā 20
Parable 7: Maitrakanyaka 21
Parable 8: The Lady Padmāvatī 25
Parable 9: The Lady Mṛgāṅkavatī 28

     Chapter II
Parable 10: The White Elephant with Six Tusks 37
Parable 11: The Hare That Roasted Itself and Offered Itself to a Great Sage 39
Parable 12: The Good Monkey and the Evil Monkey 40
Parable 13: The Buddha Extinguishes Three Fires with the Water of His Knowledge 41 Parable 14: In Benares There Was an Elder’s Son Who, Together with a Celestial Spirit, Moved the King to Pious Conduct 43
Parable 15: The White Fragrant Elephant of the King of Kāśī Nourishes His Blind Parents and Conciliates Two Countries 45
Parable 16: In Benares a Younger Brother Mildly Reproves His Older Brother; Consequently They Get Through to the Prime Minister and Urge the King to Convert the World 47
Parable 17: Brahmadatta’s Wife Is Jealous and Hurts Her Son Dharmapāla 48
Parable 18: The Bhikṣu Darva Is Slandered 49
Parable 19: Revata Is Slandered 51
Parable 20: Rādhikā, the Ugly Daughter of King Praṣenajit 52
Parable 21: King Praṣenajit’s Daughter Suprabhā 55
Parable 22: Once Two Brothers, Sons of a King, Were Expelled from Their Country 57
Parable 23: The Wife of Sudatta the Elder Nourishes the Buddha, and the Couple Are Recompensed 58
Parable 24: Sāraṇa Bhikṣu Is Beaten by King Caṇḍapradyota 59
Parable 25: A Palace Attendant Redeems Bulls That Were to Be Gelded and Regains His Manhood 62
Parable 26: Two Palace Attendants Have an Argument 63
      Chapter III
Parable 27: Two Brothers Both Go Forth 66
Parable 28: Kokālika Slanders Śāriputra 68
Parable 29: The Stanzas of the Dragon Kings 71
Parable 30: Devadatta Wants to Harm the Buddha 82
Parable 31: The Jīvṃjīvaka Bird 83
Parable 32: The White Swan King 84
Parable 33: The Big Tortoise 85
Parable 34: Two Scheming State Councillors 86
Parable 35: The Wild Cock King 88
Parable 36: The Kṛkara Bird 89
Parable 37: The Aged Seer 89
Parable 38: The Two Traders 91
Parable 39: Eight Gods, One after the Other, Ask about the Doctrine 92
      Chapter IV
Parable 40: A Poor Man Gives Lumps of Parched Barley Flour and Presently Obtains His Recompense 98
Parable 41: A Poor Girl Gives Her Two Coins and Obtains Her Recompense 101
Parable 42: Khānu, a Painter from Gandhāra, Arranges for Food and Obtains His Recompense 103
Parable 43: Kapila and His Wife Sell Themselves, Arrange a Gathering, and Presently Obtain Their Recompense 104
Parable 44: A Śrāmaṇera Saves Ants from Water and Is Recompensed with Long Life 107
Parable 45: The King of Gandhāra Attends to an Old Pagoda, and His Life Is Prolonged 107
Parable 46: A Bhikṣu Repairs a Hole in a Temple Wall, and as a Recompense His Life Is Prolonged 108
Parable 47: An Elder’s Son Meets the Buddha and Asks to Lengthen His Life 108
Parable 48: An Elder’s Son Becomes a Servant, Arranges a Gathering, and Obtains His Present Recompense 109
Parable 49: Pūrṇa Gives the Buddha a Bowl of Food and Obtains His Present Recompense 111
Parable 50: Māhaprajāpatī, Who Gives the Buddha a Garment Made of a Golden Fabric, and the Craftsman Who Pierces Pearls 112

     Chapter V
Parable 51: A Goddess Worships Kasyapa Buddha’s Pagoda with Her Flower Garland 121
Parable 52: A Goddess Worships Kasyapa Buddha’s Pagoda with Lotus Flowers 122
Parable 53: A Goddess Observes a Fast Day Following the Eight Precepts and Is Reborn in Heaven 123
Parable 54: A Goddess Worships by Lighting a Lamp and Is Reborn in Heaven 125
Parable 55: A Goddess Met the Buddha While Riding in Her Cart; She Was Happy and Went out of Her Way 126
Parable 56: A Goddess Scattered Flowers over the Buddha, and They Were Changed to a Parasol of Flowers 127
Parable 57: Srlpunyamatl Worships the Buddha’s Pagoda and Is Reborn in Heaven 128
Parable 58: An Elder and His Wife Construct a Stupa and Are Reborn in Heaven 129
Parable 59: An Elder and His Wife Are Devoutly Respectful; She Greets the Buddha and Is Reborn in Heaven 130
Parable 60: A Heretic Brahman Woman Learns That the Buddha’s Disciples Are Holding a Fast, and She Is Reborn in Heaven 131
Parable 61: A Poor Woman Gives Her Piece of Cloth to Sudatta and Is Reborn in Heaven 132
Parable 62: An Elder’s Daughter Does Not Believe in the Triple Jewel; Her Father Engages Her with Money to Observe the Precepts, and She Is Reborn in Heaven 133
Parable 63: A Girl, Sweeping the Floor, Sees the Buddha; She Is Happy and Is Reborn in Heaven 134
Parable 64: An Elder Constructs a House, Invites the Buddha in Order to Worship Him, Donates His House, and Is Reborn in Heaven 134
Parable 65: A Woman Gives Sugar Cane to an Arhat and Is Reborn in Heaven 135
Parable 66: A Woman Anoints the Buddha’s Feet with Perfume and Is Reborn in Heaven 136
Parable 67: A Servant of the Elder Sudatta Takes Refuge in the Triple Jewel and Is Reborn in Heaven 137
Parable 68: A Poor Woman Begs for Food from the Buddha and Is Reborn in Heaven 138
Parable 69: An Elder’s Servant Brings Food to Her Master, Meets the Buddha and Gives It to Him, and Is Recompensed with Rebirth in Heaven 138
Parable 70: An Elder Constructs a Lecture Hall for the Buddha and Is Recompensed with Rebirth in Heaven 140
Parable 71: An Elder Sees That the King Constructs a Pagoda; He Constructs a Pagoda Too and Is Recompensed with Rebirth in Heaven 140
Parable 72: A Merchant Constructs a House, Offers It to the Buddha, and Is Reborn in Heaven 141
     Chapter VI
Parable 73: Lord Sakra’s Questions 144
Parable 74: The Saving of Ajnatakaundinya and Others, and an Explanation of the Past 154
Parable 75: The Sakya Son Ksema Has an Eye Sickness, but When He Takes Refuge in the Three Precious Things, His Eyes Are Purified 155
Parable 76: Seven Kinds of Liberality 157
Parable 77: The Land of King Chia-pu Suffers a Drought, and by Bathing the Buddha, the People Obtain Rain 159
Parable 78: An Elder Invites Sariputra and a Mahallaka 160
     Chapter VII
Parable 79: A Brahman Gives His Wish-Granting Gem to the Buddha, Goes Forth, and Attains the Path 167
Parable 80: Dasabala Kasyapa Stops the Bleeding of the Buddha’s Foot with True Words 168
Parable 81: The Buddha Sits underneath the Bodhi Tree; and Papiyan, the Devil King, Wants to Come and Upset Him 169
Parable 82: The Buddha Explains the Misfortune of Profitable Offerings to the Bhiksus 171
Parable 83: On the Way to His Execution a Thief Sees the Buddha in the Distance; and Being Happy, He Is Reborn in Heaven 172
Parable 84: Someone Whose Hands and Feet Had Been Cut Off as a Punishment Is Moved by the Buddha’s Kindness and Is Reborn in Heaven 173
Parable 85: An Elder Offers Delicious Honey Syrup to Passers-by and Is Reborn in Heaven 174
Parable 86: King Prasenajit Sends Someone to Invite the Buddha, and So the King’s Messenger Is Reborn in Heaven 174
Parable 87: When King Prasenajit Goes Begging Urging Conversion, a Poor Man Gives Him a Cloth and Is Reborn in Heaven 175
Parable 88: An Elder Brother Constantly Urges His Younger Brother to Serve the Three Precious Things, but the Younger Brother Does Not Reverently Believe; the Elder Brother Is Reborn in Heaven 176
Parable 89: A Father Hears That His Sons Have Attained the Path; He Is Glad and Obtains Rebirth in Heaven 176
Parable 90: A Son Is Compelled by His Father to Go Forth and Is Reborn in Heaven 177
Parable 91: The Arhat Jayanta Chases the Evil Dragon Far into the Sea 178
Parable 92: Two Bhiksus Visit Jayanta and Are Reborn in Heaven 180
Parable 93: The King of the Kuṣāṇas Meets the Arhat Jayanta 182
Parable 94: The King of the Kuṣāṇas Has Three Wise Subjects as Virtuous Friends 183
      Chapter VIII
Parable 95: A State Councillor and His Wife in the Land of Kāuśambī Have Evil Intentions toward the Buddha; but the Buddha Reforms Their Ways, and They Become Srotāpannas 188
Parable 96: The Buddha’s Disciple Nanda Is Compelled by the Buddha to Go Forth, and He Attains the Path 191
Parable 97: A Fine Athlete Converts a Band of Brigands in the Wilderness 196
Parable 98: A State Councillor Hears the Doctrine and Renounces Desire 200
Parable 99: The Nirgrantha Disciples Throw Themselves into a Pool of Fire but Are Saved by the Buddha 202
Parable 100: Five Hundred White Wild Geese Hear the Doctrine and Are Reborn in Heaven 203
Parable 101: Devadatta Releases the Maddened Elephant Dhanapāla, Wishing to Harm the Buddha 205
      Chapter IX
Parable 102: Katyayana Explains Eight Dreams to King Candapradyota 210
Parable 103: The Golden Cat 216
Parable 104: King Candapradyota Obtains Five Hundred Alms Bowls 218
Parable 105: On Imploring the God Vemacitra, Hoping to Gain Considerable Wealth 219
Parable 106: Hariti Loses Her Son 220
Parable 107: The Priest in Charge of Sacrifices to a God 221
Parable 108: The Sacrifice to the Spirit of a Tree 222
Parable 109: A Woman Is Disgusted with Desire and Goes Forth 223
Parable 110: A Son Lacking in Filial Piety Experiences a Painful Retribution 224
Parable 111: The Discussion of King Menandros with Nagasena 224
Parable 112: A Woman Lacking in Filial Piety Wants to Harm Her Mother-in-Law, but She Kills Her Husband 227
Parable 113: The King of Benares Hears Calls from the Cemetery 227
Parable 114: An Aged Bhiksu Obtains the Four Fruitions 230
Parable 115: A Woman Is Utterly Sincere and Obtains the Fruition of the Path 232
     Chapter X
Parable 116: King Udayana 234
Parable 117: Rahula 240
Parable 118: A Old Brahman Is Duped 245
Parable 119: A Brahman’s Wife Wants to Harm Her Mother-in-Law 248
Parable 120: The Crows and the Owls Avenge Their Grievances 250
Parable 121: A Maidservant Fights with a Goat 252


Glossary 253
Selected Bibliography 257
Index 259
A List of the Volumes of the BDK English Tripiṭaka (First Series) 267