cOVERS OF Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith and Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo
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Yuienbō as to "Tannisho"; Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi as to "Letters"
Shojun Bando with Harold Stewart; Ann Rogers and Minor Rogers


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Together in a single volume, here are the classic and concise Tannisho, distilling Shinran Shonin's spiritual insights, along with the letters of his lineal successor, generations later, Rennyo Shonin.

Two towering achievements in the Japanese Pure Land school


Taishō 2661

Volume 83

Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith

Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith was composed to correct a number of conflicting views and resolve the doubts of followers of the Shin, or Jōdo Shinshū (True Pure Land) tradition of Pure Land Buddhism, after the death of the tradition's founder, Shinran. After Shinran passed away, a variety of views on important concepts like “faith” arose, disrupting the followers of the tradition. The present work records the words of Shinran to elucidate the true significance of the idea of “Other Power.” The work is divided into 18 short sections, the first ten of which record the teachings as heard by the author directly from Shinran. Remaining eight sections discuss and criticize the various heterodox views. This work may be the most well-known Buddhist work to have been produced in Japan and has been translated into many foreign languages. 

Jp. Tannishō (歎異抄), compiled by Yuien. 1 fascicle.

Taishō 2668

Volume 83

Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo

Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo (also known as the Gobunshō, or simply Ofumi) collects letters written by Rennyo, the eighth patriarch of the Jōdo Shinshū (True Pure Land) tradition of the Pure Land school of Buddhism, addressed to followers on specific doctrines. The collection consists of 80 letters divided into five fascicles. The identity of the compiler is not yet a matter of complete certainty, but it is generally considered that the ninth patriarch Jitsunyo had his son Ennyo put this work together. The contents are of a nature readily understood, and even today it is used in all sects of the Jōdo Shinshū tradition for the purpose of recitation and as subject matter for sermons. There are therefore many passages which should be familiar to practitioners in the Jodo Shinshu tradition of the Pure Land School. 

Jp. Rennyo shōnin ofumi (蓮如上人御文), likely compiled by Ennyo Kōyū. 5 fascicles.

Table of Contents

A Message on the Publication of the English Tripiṭaka   NUMATA Yehan    v
Editorial Foreword    MAYEDA Sengaku    vii
Publisher’s Foreword    Philip Yampolsky    ix

Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith
Contents 3
Translators’ Introduction 5
Text of Tannishō: Passages Deploring Deviations of Faith 9

Foreword 9
[Chapters] I, 9; II, 9; III, 10; IV, 11; V, 11; VI, 12; VII, 12; VIII, 12; IX, 13; X, 13

Separate Foreword 14
[Chapters] XI, 14; XII, 15; XIII, 16; XIV, 19; XV, 20; XVI, 21; XVII, 22; XVIII, 23

Afterword 23
Appendix 26
Postscript 27

Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo
Contents 31
Translators’ Introduction 35
Text of Rennyo Shōnin Ofumi: The Letters of Rennyo 41
Fascicle One

1. On Followers and Disciples 43
2. On Becoming a Priest in the Aspiration for Buddhahood 44
3. On Hunting and Fishing 46
4. Some Questions and Answers 46
5. On Pilgrimage in the Snow 48
6. On Drowsiness 49
7. A Discussion about Yoshizaki 50
8. On Building at Yoshizaki 51
9. On Avoiding Certain Things 52
10. On the Wives of the Priests in Charge of Lodgings at Yoshizaki 53
11. On Lightning and Morning Dew 54
12. The Chōshōji’s Past 55
13. On the False “Ten Kalpas” Teachings in This Region 56
14. An Admonition against Slander 57
15. On the Designation of Our Tradition 58
Fascicle Two
1. On Clearing the Channels of Faith 61
2. On the Point of Departure 63
3. On Three Items, [Including] Kami Manifestations 64
4. On Severing Crosswise the Five Evil Courses 66
5. On Devotional Beads 67
6. On Norms of Conduct 68
7. “Going Is Easy, Yet No One Is [Born] There” 69
8. On the Original Teacher and the Original Buddha 70
9. On “The Loyal Retainer and the Faithful Wife” 71
10. On the Oneness of the Buddha’s Mind and the Mind of Ordinary Beings 72
11. On the Fivefold Teaching 74
12. On the Fifty Years of Human Life 75
13. On the Reputation of Our School 75
14. On “Secret Teachings” 77
15. On Kubon and Chōrakuji 78
Fascicle Three

1. On People Who Are Only Listed by Name 81
2. On Practicing as Prescribed 82
3. On the Followers of [the Priest] Shōkō 83
4. On the Great Sage, the World-honored One 85
5. On the Compassionate Vows of Other Buddhas 86
6. On Saying the Tathāgata’s Name Only, at All Times 88
7. On the Three Acts of the Buddha and of Sentient Beings 89
8. On the False “Ten Kalpas” Teachings in This Province and Others 90
9. On the Anniversary of Master Shinran’s Death 92
10. On Six Items, Including “Kami Manifestations” 93
11. On the Services Held Every Year without Exception 96
12. On the Presence or Absence of Good from the Past 97
13. On Followers of Our Tradition 99
Fascicle Four
1. On Shinshū Nenbutsu Practitioners 101
2. On the Allotted Span of Life 102
3. On the Present Plight of the World 104
4. On a Hymn in Three Verses 105
5. From the Middle Period until the Present 107
6. On Three Items 109
7. On Six Items 110
8. On Eight Items 112
9. On an Epidemic 115
10. On the Present Age 115
11. On the Oneness of the Person [to Be Saved] and the Dharma [That Saves] 116
12. On Semimonthly Meetings 116
13. Reflections in Early Summer 117
14. On Our School’s Settled Mind 119
15. On Building [the Priest’s Quarters] at Ōsaka 119
Fascicle Five
1. On Laymen and Laywomen Lacking Wisdom in the Last [Dharma] Age 121
2. On the Eighty Thousand Teachings 121
3. On Women Who Have Renounced the World while Remaining
in Lay Life and on Ordinary Women 122
4. On Men and Women 122
5. On Realizing Faith 123
6. On the Great Benefit Bestowed with [the Awakening of] the One Thought-moment [of Faith] 123
7. On the Five Obstacles and the Three Submissions 124
8. On the Meditation for Five Kalpas 125
9. On All the Holy Texts 126
10. On Faith as Fundamental 126
11. On the Anniversary [of Master Shinran’s Death] 127
12. On the Sleeve [of Amida] 128
13. On the Unsurpassed, Most Profound Virtues and Benefits 129
14. On [Women of] Noble and Humble Birth 130
15. On the Primal Vow of Amida Tathāgata 131
16. On White Bones 131
17. On All Women 132
18. On the Master [Shinran] of Our Tradition 133
19. On Evildoers of the Last [Dharma] Age 133
20. On Women Attaining Buddhahood 133
21. On Passages in the [Larger] Sutra and in [Tanluan’s] Commentary 134
22. On the Import of Our Tradition’s Teaching 135
Selected Bibliography 137

Glossary 139
Index 159
A List of the Volumes of the BDK English Tripiṭaka (First Series)