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Please note that this edition is out of print, but is available now as a free PDF download. Please click the round PDF logo to the upper right to download the file.

This is the Esperanto edition of The Teaching of Buddha.

Esperanto Edition of The Teaching of Buddha - PDF Only


Note: This translation is no longer in print, but is now available as a free PDF download. 

Inspired by the early twentieth century publication of a scholarly edition of the entire Chinese Mahayana canon, Buddhist leaders in Japan assembled this collection from Pali and Sanskrit sources to share the most basic Buddhist teachings. The first edition was in Japanese; the second in English. 

Today the publication appears in over 45 languages, and Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai has taken on the mission of maintaining, updating, translating, and distributing this work, with over 8.6 million copies distributed worldwide.

It was the wish of BDK's founder, the late Rev. Dr. Yehan Numata, to see this book distributed widely, so that all may benefit from the Buddha's teachings, regardless of race or creed. Our founder's wish was continued into the next generation under the stewardship of Mr. Numata's son, the late Rev. Toshihide Numata

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