Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Know about Ordering BDK Publications?

Online via Catalog. Your experience differs depending on whether you are ordering a free book or one that we sell. 

  • Free Books. See our full range of editions of The Teaching of Buddha here. You can order any of our free publications directly on this site, subject to specific geographic and quantity restrictions (aee below).  [Note 1]
  • BDK English Tripitaka Series and Buddha-Dharma. See our full catalog of our books for sale here. The only difference from our free publications is that when you would click to add a publication to your shopping cart you are taken over to the corresponding book page at the University of Hawaii Press website. Please note that these titles can be ordered from and shipped to almost all international locations.

Off-Line Orders. For off-line orders, orders are subject to the same policies. You can contact us care of or use phone, mail or fax as set out in our Contacts. page.

Are There Limits to the Number of Free Books I Can Order?  

Yes. We are able to honor most requests. However because our supplies are limited, we tend to limit copies sent to invidividuals. If you have a legitimate reason to need multlple copies, please contact us by email ( or by mail, fax, or phone (see our Contact page).

Individual Orders: The Teaching of BuddhaWe are able to send one or two copies of The Teaching of Buddha at no charge to addresses in the continental United States. If the order includes 3, 4, o5 5 books, a single processing charge of $15 is added. The online catalog will not accept an order for more than five of these publications. 

Individual Orders: Occasional Free Books. We are able to share additional free publications in print from time to time. For such orders we will review the quanity and reserve the right to adjust the quantity after notification to the customer.

Institutional Orders for Books in Quantity. Instiitutions, such as temples, hotels, schools, and so on, can order books in quantities via the Institutional Orders option on the pulldown menu for Catalog, or contact us by email ( or by mail, fax, or phone (see our Contact page). Such requests will be reviewed but in most cases will be honored; please note that geographic restrictions (that is, the institution would need to be in the continental United States). 

What Is the Role of the University of Hawaii Press?

BDK America has turned to the University of Hawaii Press (UHP) to accept, process, fulfill, and provide customer service for online credit card orders. We did this in part because UHP has long served as one of our major points of distribution as an independent bookseller, and their commitment to Buddhist Studies, and the audience for Buddhist Studies, is well demonstrated. As had been the case with BDK America, books requiring payment can be shipped almost anywhere on the globe, subject to specific charges. (BDK America still follows its policies for all off-line orders.)

How Will the Role of UHP Change My Experience in Ordering Books Online?

In most cases very little. But there are changes. If you are ordering a book that requires online payment ...

  • There is one extra click required when you travel from our site to UHP (you are taken to their equivalent book product page) to proceed to the UHP shopping cart.
  • When you are taken to the UHP site your BDK America account information (including your name and address) — assuming you had created an account online with BDK America — will not carry over into the UHP shopping cart. However, the UHP site will also let you create an account with them for your future convenience.
  • If you also want to order any of our free books (see comments about geographic restrictions below) you will be dealing with two separate shopping carts, one on our site and one on the UHP site.

In the Past I've Ordered Books Off-Line from You -- Does this Change?

No. We continue to welcome your orders by mail, email, phone or fax. Our order specialist will assist you in completing your order and you do not need to contact UHP.

I'm Ordering Books in Quantity for a Bookstore or Other Institution. Are Quantity Discounts and Other Treatment for Such Orders Possible?

Yes. See the above answer. Most orders involving quantity discounts are sent to us via the email address of orders at bdkamerica dot org. .

Do I  Need a Login to Access the Site?

No, not at all. Most parts of the site can be seen without a login. The login relates to book orders. When customers first order a book on the site, they are prompted to create a login as part of their order. Customers can use the login to track orders and to save time on future orders. (Ordinarily the account is created when a new user orders a book from us. For reasons noted below, in future the account will be created with the order of any of our free books.) However, if your effort to add a book to your cart transfers you to the website for the University of Hawaii Press, the order is maintained on their website and independent of your informational account at our website. 

Where Can You Ship or Mail Books? 

Free. Geographical restrictions apply to our free publications, most typically various editions of The Teaching of Buddha. We can ship or mail our free publications anywhere in the continental United States, at no cost to you for either the publication or postage or shipping, in most cases.

Books requiring payment can be shipped almost anywhere on the globe, subject to additional charges.

Why Are There Geographical Restrictions for Your Free Publications?

The answer relates in part to how various BDK America offices are funded, which funding relates to our sponsor's finances in various regional offices. Therefore, different regional offices focus on their region and operate subject to historical policies and financial restrictions in their areas. 

For example, North America and Hawaii, are covered by four separate regional offices each with differing policies. They are

  • BDK America: The continental United States, covering all but Hawaii.
  • BDK Canada: Covering the entirety of that country.
  • BDK Hawaii: The Hawaiian Islands.
  • BDK Mexico: Covering the entirety of that country.

For contact information for all of the BDK Regional offices, please see our list here. 

Why Are There Geographic Restrictions on The Teaching of Buddha but Not the BDK English Tripitaka Series or Buddha-Dharma? 

BDK Japan turns to BDK America for worldwide promulgation and distribution of both its BDK English Tripitaka series and the book, Buddha-Dharma. BDK Japan works with affiliated regional offices for distribution of The Teaching of Buddha.

Why Do Affiliated Regional Offices Have Different Policies as to The Teaching of Buddha?

Each regional office operates under unique conditions.

  • Over time BDK offices have been organized and created to provide appropriate regional coverage.
  • Each office has unique historical precedents, operational preferences, and budgetary restrictions.
  • BDK America refers interested parties to reach out to the appropriate regional office, including BDK Hawaii, BDK Canada, and BDK Mexico.
  • BDK America administers distribution of some books for sale worldwide, but it administers distribution of The Teaching of Buddha only within the 49 continental United States.
  • Again, you can find a full listing of BDK regional offices at this list here.

Do You Offer Quantity Discounts, Library Rates, or Other Special Pricing?

Yes, wherever possible, for the BDK Tripitaka Translation series and Buddha-Dharma, BDK America will work to meet industry standards in its policies for bookstores or quantity purchases. And for the free The Teaching of Buddha, we can ship quantities at no cost within the continental United States. If you have needs in any of these areas please contact us first by mail, fax, telephone or email: orders at bdkamerica dot org.

As a Scholar or Teacher, I Was Able to Order a Publication at a Discount, Why Doesn't the Website Allow for That? 

In the past we have offered books at significant discount to individuals in the academic and Temple communities. We value the important work done in scholarship and in spirituality in our society's institutions, even if we cannot currently reflect our respect in the ordering process. Please reach out to offline so we can offer you appropriate options, by mail, fax, telephone or email: orders at bdkamerica dot org.

Do You Consider Requests for Donations of Books in the BDK Tripitaka Translation Series?

Yes, on occasion we are able to consider and fill requests for the donation of books to select individuals or causes. Send us the specifics of your request and we will let you know what may or may not be possible. Please use the email address of orders at bdkamerica dot org.



  1. BDK America is able to offer several free publications beyond The Teaching of Buddha. These titles are subject to change and availability but a current listing can be found here. If the stock of a print publication runs out, we will supply a free download PDF of the publication (The Teaching of Buddha excepted). See also a complete list of our free PDFs at our Downloads page.