Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Your PDFs Differ from Your Print Publications? 

  • PDFs are free and can be downloaded at any time at no charge without geographic restriction.
  • Most print publications can be ordered from our website at various price points and under different geographic limits. 

What Types of Publications Do You Sell? How Do They Differ as to Where You Can Send Them? 

We have two main types of publications that differ by region and cost:

  • The Teaching of Buddha (a primer of basic Buddhist teachings) is priced modestly with shipping included to anywhere in the continental United States (including APO and FPO addresses).
  • The BDK English Tripitaka Translation Series (translations of the Taisho edition of the Chinese canon) are priced variously and shipping is extra to most addresses across the world.

Which Titles Are Available as Free PDFs?

  • We strive to make every print publication (and even some titles which are no in print) available as free PDFs. See the Downloads page for a full listing. 
  • Thus, people interested in The Teaching of Buddha, available in some 45 languages, can download it regardless of location. Likewise, students and scholars can download works in the Taisho edition of the Mahayana sutras without geographic restrictions.

Why Is Distribution of Print Copies of The Teaching of Buddha restricted to the Continental United States?

BDK America is one of many global offices related to Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK Japan) and each office has specific duties. BDK America has regional and international duties for two different sets of publications.

  • For The Teaching of Buddha and other titles, BDK America serves the continental United States, while other office regional offices cover other areas, such as BDK Mexico, BDK Canada, and BDK Hawaii. See a full listing of offices, with contact information, here.
  • For the BDK English Tripitaka Translation Series, BDK America serves as a global distribution point. Volume of distribution is modest, and there are economies of scale that recommend a single location maintain inventory.  

Why Do You Charge People for Individual Copies of The Teaching of Buddha?

Because PDFs of The Teaching of Buddha are available as a free download, we can more broadly than ever fulfill our mission to share the Buddha's teachings. As a small not-for-profit, we at BDK America have the best chance of fulfilling our mission for the long term if we recoup some costs for print versions of the printed books. 

Why Do Prices for The Teaching of Buddha and Other Titles for Sale Change from Time to Time

BDK America and BDK reserve the right to change pricing without notice, usually for reasons usually relating to external factors like inventory, supplier pricing, and changes in policy. 


I'm Ordering Books in Quantity for a Bookstore or Other Institution. Are Quantity Discounts and Other Treatment for Such Orders Possible?


Yes. Most orders involving quantity discounts are sent to us via the email address of


Do I  Need a Login to Access the Site?


No. Most parts of the site can be seen without a login. The login relates to book orders. When customers first order a book on the site, they are prompted to create a login as part of their order. Customers can use the login to track orders and to save time on future orders. (Ordinarily the account is created when a new user orders a book from us. For reasons noted below, in future the account will be created with the order of any of our free books.) However, if your effort to add a book to your cart transfers you to the website for the University of Hawaii Press, the order is maintained on their website and independent of your informational account at our website. 


What Information Is Currently Available via My Account to Track an Order?


At this time you can confirm the status of a specific order or be reminded of preious orders. We are not able to provide tracking information for individual shipments. If you have special tracking requirements, please contact us separately before making your order, please contact us first by mail, fax, telephone or email:


Do You Offer Quantity Discounts, Library Rates, or Other Special Pricing?


Yes, wherever possible, BDK America will work to meet industry standards in its policies for bookstores or quantity purchases.  If you have needs in any of these areas please contact us first by mail, fax, telephone or email:


Can I Order a Book Offline, That Is, without Using the Website?


Yes, please contact us first by mail, fax, telephone or email:


As a Scholar or Teacher, I Was Able to Order a Publication at a Discount or Receive a Gratis Desk Copy. Can I Still Do So? 


In the past we have offered books at significant discount to individuals in the academic and Temple communities. We value the important work done in scholarship and in spirituality in our society's institutions, even if we cannot currently reflect our respect in the ordering process. Please reach out to offline so we can offer you appropriate options, by mail, fax, telephone or email:


Do You Consider Requests for Donations of Books in the BDK Tripitaka Translation Series?


Yes, on occasion we are able to consider and fill requests for the donation of books to select individuals or causes. Send us the specifics of your request and we will let you know what may or may not be possible. Please use the email address of


We Are an Institution, Such as a Temple, Hotel, Hospital, School, Dharma Center, or Yoga Spa. Can We Still Order Copies of The Teaching of Buddha  in Quantity?


Yes, we hope to re-open that part of our website soon for your convenience. In the meanwhile, please contact us first by mail, fax, telephone or email: