BDK America is happy to provide selected volumes in the BDK English Tripiṭaka series as available for use by students and scholars as PDF downloads at no cost.

We have adopted the following convention for naming these files.

The following is the skeletal format:


All our filenames will contain three elements, and many will contain four. Each discrete element is separated by an underscore.

  • dBET — All filenames will begin with the opening designation dBET indicating the general class of "digital BDK English Tripiṭaka" files.
  • Alpha/Beta Version Identifier (Optional). Some filenames will indicate Alpha versions, which may vary in pagination from the existing print volume, with an updated font. Other filenames will indicate Beta versions, which provide a PDF of the original edition of the volume but may have limitations in search functionality and retain the older font. Both Alpha and Beta versions will be replaced updated versions over time that adhere to current style, usage, and format for more recent volumes in the BDK English Tripiṭaka Series.
  • T9999Optional Source Identifier. Files that contain the translation of a single text include a capital letter and number of the text. Possible letter prefixes include T for Taishō (as in T784) and Z for Zoku-zokyou (as in Z999) etc. To avoid unwieldy filenames, if the volume includes multiple works we will not attempt to list all texts by their Taishō or Zoku-zokyou number.
  • BriefTitle — All filenames will include a brief title based on the full title of the volume.
  • yyyy — The publication year of the printed volume.

These designations will be useful in case of any future revisions or differing presentations of the texts in question.


  • dBET_T0614_SutraConcentration_2009.pdf
  • dBET_ThreePureLandSutras_2003.pdf
  • dBET_Beta_LivesofGreatMonksandNuns_2002.pdf

Copyright Years

The copyright year in the filename is the copyright year of the print volume.

The dBET files include their own brief copyright designation (usually in the first few pages of the volume) showing the year of the creation of the digital file. The year of the file copyright does not appear in the filename.


The printed text of The Three Pureland Sutras is copyrighted in 2003. The filename shows the 2003 date. However, the copyright year of the PDF currently available for download is 2016. The dBET copyright notice and year appears in the first or second page of the PDF, in this format:

dBET PDF Version © 2016

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