No Results?

Here are some tips that might help.

Broaden the Search. You can broaden a search by searching on only one parameter at a time. For example, if you were to search for Taishō 1 among the Free Type of publications, or among the Japanese Sources Catalog, you would not find the Taishō you are looking for.

Even though some titles will satisful the search terms for one parameter or the other, the search would result in a publication only if both parameters were met.  

Search by Title. When you search by title, try just one key word to improve your results. You do not have to match the title exactly. Note that the title search relates only to the particular title volume.

Searching by Taishō Number. If you  trying to find the volume in which a particular tiasho is published, avoid searching on two parameters at the same time,. Specifically, try searching on a single parameter, usually the Taishō number if known.