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TTOB and Other Books for Institutions

            BDK America welcomes inquiries from institutions such as temples, hotels, hospitals, prisons, military units, and schools.  Send us a brief description of your organization and the number of copies as well as the language version you wish to receive.  If we approve your request, we will ship your order at no cost to you.  Shipments are limited to the United States, including APO and FPO addresses.  Please send your inquiries to


The Teaching of Buddha compiles basic teachings from the Buddhist canon, organized into convenient chapters. It provides an excellent introduction to the Buddha’s wisdom.


Learning the Wisdom of Enlightenment is a companion guidebook to The Teaching of Buddha.  It cites selected scriptural passages from The Teaching of Buddha and adds explanations and examples that clarify the meaning of the ancient scriptures in an easy-to-understand and contemporary way.  This guidebook is for people who want to learn about how ancient Buddhist insights are still relevant for modern living.


Jewels: Introduction to American Buddhism for Youth, Scouts and the Young at Heart is the latest BDK publication that presents Buddhist teachings in an engaging manner appealing to all ages, especially to youth.  Dr. Kenneth Tanaka is a scholar and Jodo Shinshu minister who is well known in the academic and temple worlds.  While it is uniquely written for the benefit of Scouts, the book expands its reach to a wider audience through a tapestry of history, doctrine, and stories drawn from Buddhist sources and Tanaka’s own experiences.  Illustrated with photographs and cartoon drawings, Jewels is notable for its precious sense of humor. 


A Teaching A Day is a mini-pamphlet consisting of 31 selections from The Teaching of Buddha.  It also includes selections from the Dhammapada, the Buddhist classic of verses popular from ancient times until the present because of its treatment of universal themes such as anger, pleasure, happiness and old age..  This short pamphlet of 48 pages is perfect for a month’s worth of daily readings for reflection.


Messages from the Buddha is a mini-pamphlet of the most popular passages from The Teaching of Buddha.Illustrated with delightful drawings. Messages gathers the most basic teachings of Buddhism into a compact collection of 36 pages.  The pamphlet ends with a short summary of the development of Buddhist denominations in the history of Japan.



A Commentary with the Text of the Tannisho was written by the late Dr. Alfred Bloom, one of the most prominent teachers of Jodo Shinshu Pure Land Buddhism.  Compiled by a disciple of Shinran Shonin (1173-1262), the founder of Jodo Shinshu, the Tannisho refutes misinterpretations that arose after Shinran’s death, and presents corrections with striking insight.  Subtitled Strategies for Modern Living, this book presents Dr. Bloom’s interpretations that give contemporary relevance to the Tannisho, which is recognized as a great classic of religious writing. 


Buddha-Dharma: The Way to Enlightenment is a comprehensive anthology of passages drawn from Theravada and Mahayana scriptures.  It covers the life of Sakyamuni and the many insights attributed to him about the nature and meaning of existence.  The word Dharma refers to the teachings of truth, and they are presented here in a rich array of philosophical principles, psychological insight, didactic stories, wonderful myths, and provocative parables.

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