A Message from the Chairman, Rev. Toshihide Numata

Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai (The Society for the Promotion of Buddhism) is a foundation established in 1965 by my father, the late Rev. Dr. Yehan Numata, the founder of Mitutoyo Corporation through the cooperation of many people. The foundation's objective is to spread the teaching of Buddha throughout the world.

Mitutoyo Corporation was established in 1934 with the mission of providing support to realize the lofty goal of the dissemination of Buddhism. It started out as one of the world's pioneering manufacturers of precision measuring tools and instruments and today is a world leader in our field.

The company's mission is twofold:

1. Contribute to the happiness of people through the promotion of Buddhism.
2. Aim to become a leader in the precision measuring field.

BDK's first and primary objective is to support activities and programs to disseminate and understanding of Buddhism. One of the primary projects is the translation and publication of a book called The Teaching of Buddha. To date there are over 40 different language and multiple-language versions available and its distribution has reached over 8 million copies. These books have been placed in more than 8,000 hotels and lodging facilities in more than 60 countries, and placed in nearly 1,000,000 rooms.

Regarding the second goal, Mitutoyo Corporation has two main operations sites and 12 plants within Japan. Abroad there are nearly 30 research and development, manufacturing, sales, and technical service bases in 25 countries. There is also a distributor network in more than 80 countries of the world.

The translation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon, the source material for the Teaching of Buddha is also progressing steadily under the joint effort of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai in Japan and the BDK English Tripitaka Project in Moraga, California.

Another major activity is the Numata Programs in Buddhist Studies have been endowed at 15 major universities in the world, including the University of California Berkeley, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Institute of Buddhist Studies, University of Calgary, University of Hawaii, UCLA, University of Toronto, Smith College, University of Oxford, Leiden University, University of London, Mcgill University, Vienna University, and the University of Hamburg.

In addition, our offering of several scholarships which provide support to promising, young Buddhist researchers from throughout the world to study for one year at a major Japanese Buddhist institution, is also gaining most visible results.

As a link for the international dissemination of Buddhism, branches of the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism have been established in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia and are taking a firm root to accomplishing the dream of my father. Moreover, several international Ekoji Buddhist temples founded by my father, which are located in Washington DC, Mexico City and in Dusseldorf, Germany, are beginning to receive attention as a base for the dissemination of Buddhism in areas where Buddhism has yet to reach a large number of people.

I sincerely request your kind support and cooperation in our efforts to share the teaching of the Buddha with the world.

~ Rev. Toshihide Numata, Chairman
Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai
(Society for the Promotion of Buddhism)
and Advisor, MITUTOYO Corporation

Note: See also the Chairman's message on BDK's first 50 years.